Puppies Poop A Lot: How To Know It’s Getting Too Bad?


Having a dog at home is just like adopting a new child. Since he is a part of the family, it is normal that we tend to worry. And pooping is one of those that you need to be particular about.If you notice that your puppy goes out way too many, you need to consider it a medical issue. When puppies poop a lot, it is time to go to the vet. They need to be treated early and you will have no stress in return.How would You Know if the frequency of pooping is still normal?The average number of times a dog go would be 4-5 times a day. Yet, you need to consider their age. Puppies, for one, poop frequently. Their digestive system is still in the developing stage and is still adjusting.How about their diet? Have you checked the kind of food they are taking? If you have been giving them food that is rich in fiber, it would be normal. You observe the stool and see if it is consistent. If it is, then you might be worrying about nothing at all!

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Does Your Puppy have a Pooping schedule?

Have you observed the usual time your puppy goes out? In time, you will tend to be familiar with it. You will know the signs. On the first few weeks, it is best that you potty train your fur baby.

Here are some hints that you might need:

  • Train your puppy to go for a potty break early in the morning just the time he wakes up, and late at night when he is about to go to sleep.
  • Encourage your puppy to go potty when you are having a walk, playtime, and after each meal.
  • As studies reveal, puppies can hold their urge to poop about one hour per month of their age. This will be true until 8 months. However, every puppy is unique so be keen in observing how yours will be.
  • In the process of training your puppy. Use command use for the potty that your dog will recognize. Be consistent to avoid his confusion. Be sure to add praise words when he is doing it right and a special treat to go with it.

What are the probable causes of pooping a lot?

Let us find out why puppies poop a lot. Although I have some situations that this issue might not be alarming, it is best to dig further and learn the different causes.

  • Change in your puppy diet

Have you just shifted from one dog food to another? Things to consider when shifting food types is to do it gradually. Your puppy need to adjust to the new food that you are introducing. If you did not give him time to adjust, it will upset its tummy. Thus, the frequent pooping.

The next time, give it a few days or a week transition. Mixing the old dog food with the new would be a good idea.

  • Change of environment

Did you just move to another place? A sudden change of environment will trigger the urge to poop frequently. This is because it disrupts his routine phase.

Doing house renovations would also be new for him. It also applies to new sounds, people or even smells. Give it time, he would settle eventually when all seems to be familiar with him again.

  • Medical Issues

This could be a litany of medical issues. It is best to monitor your puppy’s activities. Write it down since you will need it to answer the vet’s questions. Important points are the frequency, the time that it started and even the physical appearance of the stool need to be accounted upon.

Medical issues may include, colitis, parasites, cancer and other diseases that affect the kidney and liver.

What should you do when your puppy poops a lot?

  • If you observed that your puppy started pooping a lot just the time when you changed his dog food. It is best to consider looking for another brand. Obviously, his tummy can’t adjust to it.

What’s more, did you check the contents of the food? Be mindful on the food ingredients of your dog food, there might be chemicals that are harmful to a puppy.

  • Take your puppy into consideration when planning to move out, do some renovations, expecting visitors, new pets, or anything new that could trigger his urge to poop a lot. Exposing your puppy to all of these would make him nervous, scared and confused.

As much as possible, bring with all that is familiar with your puppy when moving into a new home. His dog house for one is important. Before doing the renovation, gradually transfer his domain to another area of the house that is destructed less by what’s going on. Lastly, get your puppy acquainted to new visitors or pets slowly until he gets comfortable.

  • Know when to go to the vet. Excessive pooping especially if it is runny and has a foul smell, demands immediate attention. Usually, loss of appetite goes along with it.

There are serious medical conditions that are related to such symptoms but the vet is the only person who can give you accurate information. The earlier you bring him, the easier is the treatment.

Show your puppy your love and care

Cleaning poop is not an easy job. On top of the stress, it is physically draining. Please be kind to your dog. It may be a big hassle to you as the owner, but your dog is not enjoying it too. Don’t lash out your anger to your puppy.

Now that you have known some facts about this, we hope we have helped you in guiding what to do. I can relate, seeing your puppy having some discomfort and pain drains the energy out of you. However, when puppies poop a lot, you already know what to do.


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