How To Train A Pitbull To Be A Friend – Training Secrets Revealed


Pitbulls are well-known for their high energy. Because of their natural hyper traits, some Pitties are actually beyond the control of their owners. Many Pitty owners might be ripping their hair out and wondering: How To Train A Pitbull? And what are the best ways to train Pitty to be obedient, friendly, and well-behaved? Homies, you don’t have to worry anymore. This article will reveal the best methods and techniques to train your Pit.

Is It Torture To Train A Pitbull Puppy? Is Pitbull Puppy Training Harder?

Of course not, buddy! So sorry but I have to say: owning a breed as lovable as the pitbull is never a form of torture. If you feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of training a Pitty pup, it’s best to hold off on getting your doggo for now. In fact, it can be a super fun and rewarding experience for both you and your 4-legged friend. All you need to do is use positive and humane methods from the very beginning. 

As you may already know, Pitties are incredibly smart and loyal dogs with lots of energy. They are real active dogs that require proper exercise every day. With your patience and consistency, you can definitely train Pitty pups to follow your commands and become good boys or good girls of the family. The process of training a pitbull puppy is not any harder than training any other breed of dog. But please remember: this process requires consistency, patience, and socialization over a longer period of time. Good things take time, homies.

Pitbull Puppy Training – How To Train A Pitbull Puppy

  • Early socialization is the key: Start socializing your puppy early ASAP. Make socialization a key priority. Introduce your doggo to different people, dogs, or even other animals from a very young age. Therefore, your doggo can learn to be comfortable and friendly with others around them. By the way, don’t forget to reward your puppy for calm and polite behavior around other, pit pup owners!
  • Expose Pitty to their living environment: More than just people and animals around, let’s expose your cutie pit pup to different stuff in their living environment, such as sounds, smells, light, and objects,… 
  • Teach your tiny 4-legged friend basic commands: such as sit, stay, turn around, jump, come, down, high-5, leave it,… Start with easy commands first and do not expect your pup to understand everything you teach them on the very first day of training. These commands will help you control your pup and prevent unwanted behaviors. Do not rush because training is an ongoing process that requires great patience. Repeat the command until your puppy understands it, and then gradually increase the difficulty by adding distractions, distance, and duration.
  • Use treats, praise, and toys as rewards for the good behavior of your Pit pup: Did you know pitty puppies respond well to positive reinforcement, rather than punishment or corrections? Therefore, let’s Find out what motivates your puppy and use it to encourage them to follow your commands. They will feel excited about that!
Teach Your Pit bull this first! (obedience Training)

How To Train A Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite

Your doggo begins biting as a pup? Even if it’s only for fun? I’m sorry to hear that. Did you know, those bites might develop into more severe ones when they are fully grown adult pitbulls? Therefore, it’s crucial to train your Pitty not to bite when your doggo is still a small puppy.

Pitbull Teething Toys Are A Good Idea

Just like babies, Pit pups will mouth everything around them as a way to express their curiosity. Additionally, puppies have to go through a painful teething phase. Pit pup owners need to remember that between the ages of 4 and 7 months, your pup’s adult teeth will come in. This is an important stage in the growing process of Pitties. So you need to purchase some suitable teething dog toys for your little doggo to chew on during this period.

Make Your Pit Used To Your Non-Biting Alert

Maybe you don’t understand what the non-biting alert is. You can simply understand that the non-biting alert is some phrase like “Ouch”, “Aaaaa”, “Noooo”, or “Heyyyy” in a loud and firm voice. Stop moving so you won’t become a more interesting target. You have to show your puppies that you are not pleased with their biting behavior. Repeat this process after each bite until the puppy knows she/he was wrong and stops biting.

Stop Playing Or Ignore Your Pit For A Moment

Say your non-biting alert and ignore your dog for 20 to 60 seconds or longer if he or she mouths your hand or foot. If you repeat this trick many times, your puppy may think you hate them and quit their bad habit.

Keep Your Pit Pup Chill Out

When dogs are stressed, they tend to bite uncontrollably. So please remember: it’s really important to keep your Pit pup calm under all circumstances.

  • Providing them with daily and varied physical exercise, such as walks, runs, hikes,… 
  • Let your dog get enough sleep in a comfortable and quiet place where they totally relax and chill out. 
  • Avoiding separation anxiety in dogs. Do not let your Pit be alone for a long time. Pitties really need your love and care!

How To Potty Train A Pitbull Puppy

How do you get Pitty puppy to stop peeing and pooping indoors? Hmm, this is a big deal with puppy owners but not with you – my readers. Because just by following these tips and tricks, your puppy will have complete potty training within weeks. 

  • Step 1: Show your puppies their Potty Area 
  • Step 2: Take Your Pit pup to their Potty Area Frequently
  • Step 3: Develop a Potty Schedule for your pup after each meal
  • Step 4: Accept that some unexpected circumstances will happen (e.g. your puppy pees and poops in the wrong place,…)
  • Step 5: Understand Your Pitty’s Potty Cues

Have you ever noticed how cutie dogs are when they start to circle or sniff a spot before potting? That’s Pitty’s potty cues. By the way, It’s actually their natural instinct to find the perfect spot to go potty. Sounds interesting, right? Did you know that they also use the smells from their previous accident to help them find the same spot again?
How To Potty Train A Pit Bull Puppy(Simple TIPS)

Pitbull Training – How To Train An Adult Pitbull

Training an adult Pitbull can be more difficult than training a puppy. But basically, training an adult Pitbull is the same as training a puppy. However, there will certainly be certain differences in the way of training. Some tips to keep in mind include:

Start As Soon As Possible 

It’s always more effective to start ASAP because young Pits are usually more receptive and flexible in training. Using rewards like treats, toys, and words of encouragement can help build their trust and confidence in you. And a friendly reminder: Avoid harsh punishments, as they may discourage them from learning and hinder their progress.

Basic Commands Are Never Useless

Basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, and leave can help you maintain control and keep your dog safe in a variety of circumstances. Building trust and confidence in your pet’s friend will be easier if you use positive reinforcement strategies like food, toys, and words of encouragement. You may also teach your dog entertaining tricks like shaking paws or rolling over once they have learned the fundamentals. You may develop a close relationship with your dog and train it to behave properly with time and effort.

Puppies Or Adult Pitties Still Need A Warm Introduction

Introducing your puppy to various people, animals, and situations is essential for ensuring that they grow up happy and well-adjusted. 

They will gain self-assurance and social skills as a result of this. You may favorably affect your dog’s behavior by gradually exposing them to new sights, sounds, scents, and experiences while utilizing positive reinforcement. Building a good relationship with your beloved buddies and preparing them for a range of scenarios they may face requires consistency and patience.

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How To Train A Pitbull To Attack

How do you train a Pitty to attack on command? This is one of the most common questions of Pitty owners. Follow the tips below to learn how to train a Bulldog to be a trustworthy guard for your family.

Obedience Training Is A Good Beginning

Your Pit may be familiar with you, your family members, your friends, and even other animals. But this alone won’t make your Pit become a good guard. You will need to teach your doggo some basic obedience. Pitties, when adequately trained, are very obedient and loyal.  They will do everything to please their owners.

Strengthen Pitty’s Thought – Who Is Their “Boss”

Pit bulls can become pushy and dominant. Because of their natural hyper traits, they can be out of control without proper training. So it’s important to train them firmly to prevent them from becoming overly willful. Once the dog recognizes you as their owner and commander, it will learn and obey your commands more quickly. Easy going with Pitty is never a good way to train your doggo to attack on command. When Pitbulls accept you as their “big boss”, training the Pitbull to attack on command is not a problem.

Find A Reputable Dog Training Center/Expert

You are powerless with Pitbull training. Some Pit dogs are too old or extremely stubborn for training. So, dog training is never an easy task for every single doggo owner. Don’t give up yet, but try to register your Pitty for some training courses from reputable training centers and experts.

Even if you just wanna train your doggo on your own, you can not train Pitty whatever you want. Big mistake, dog owners. It’s still crucial to contact a dependable dog trainer for professional guidance. Because Pitties have the potential to be dangerous and aggressive to others. Therefore, Pitty dogs have also required some testing before starting the doggo training process. Within a relatively short time, a dog trainer can assist you in training your doggo and teaching them how to obey your commands.
“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

Pitbull Aggression Training 

Modern Pitbulls are very friendly and love being around people. But, sometimes they may be aggressive and overreact because of their natural traits in the past. However, Pitbull aggression training is not really challenging. It is not a mission impossible, what are you hesitating for? 

Socialization Is Key In All Forms Of Dog Training

Yes, proper socializing is very important for doggo in every single situation. Socialize them with other dogs, animals, and people from an early age to prevent aggression or fearfulness that can lead to uncontrollable loss of temper. So please, remember to socialize your Pit ASAP!

Daily Exercise

Your 4 legged friend may get mad if you don’t let them meet their daily exercise requirement. Yeah, I’m not kidding, homies. Providing doggo with daily and varied physical exercise, such as walks, runs, hikes,… at the playground, park, hiking trails, or any open space that can be the ideal place for Pitty to play and exercise with dog owners.

Pet Courses

Enrolling Pitties in activities or pet courses is never pointless. These things can boost Pitties’ mental development and living skills. Some pet activities or courses that dog owners might consider are agility training, obedience training, nose training, or pitching… to stimulate their minds and keep them obeyed and occupied.

Proper Rewards

Do you know that rewards and praise are super important in the Pitbull aggression training process? Who doesn’t want to be properly rewarded for their efforts? So are Pitties. They love how their owners realize their docility and obedience. Therefore, let’s reward your pets with praise, food, toys, or playtime with you when they display calm behavior or obey your commands. 

Do Pitbulls Get Aggressive With Age

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds, often associated with being ferocious and aggressive despite not deserving this negative reputation. We can say Pitties are the “victims” of the media LOL!

However, Pitbulls do not get more aggressive when they get older, although they may go through hormonal changes during the growth stage that absolutely affect their temperament and behavior later in life. If Pitbulls are well-trained to control their behavior and emotions from an early age, that’s so great! They will maintain and develop those traits as they grow older and older. 

But there is one interesting thing that dog owners need to understand. Pitbulls attain sexual maturity at about six months of age. At this stage, they can be considered “real” adults. Like humans, Pitties also have rebellious times when they grow. This does not imply that they are hostile or in negative rebellion; rather, it indicates that they require adequate training and discipline from their owners. That’s all! Therefore, training and caring for dogs is always essential in all situations.
5 ways to prevent Pitbulls from being Aggressive!!

Why An Under/Unsocialized And Untrained Pit Bull Can Be A Serious Problem?

Unsocialized and untrained Pitties can be a serious problem because they may develop fear or aggression toward people and other animals, which can lead to dangerous situations and negative consequences. Do you know: Pitbulls are one of the most common doggo breeds that have had a bad reputation for centuries? They are well-known for being bred for fighting in the past. So they may not be tolerant of other dogs or even people around them. Sounds so scary but please stop misunderstanding this lovely dog breed. Every single dog can get mad if they are not under proper training. Therefore, it is very important to train and socialize your Pitty puppy from an early age, using positive reinforcement and exposure to different stimuli. This amazing tip will make your Pitty become an adorable 4-legged friend, a good boy/girl in every family.

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Common Q&A For How To Train A Pitbull

What Is The Best Age To Train A Pitbull?

8 weeks old – the golden time for training a Pitbull. You can start training your Pit puppy as early as 8 weeks old. At this stage, they are able to quickly grasp some easy commands from their owners.

Is It Too Late To Train A 2 Year Old Pitbull?

NO, nothing is too late. Okay, I agree that some adult dogs might learn more slowly. But once again: it’s never too late to train a dog to become a good boy/ good girl.

What Age Is Too Late To Train A Pitbull?

This is a friendly reminder that: It’s never too late to train a Pitbull. Just be patient, you can train your dog of any age successfully. 

What Is The Best Language To Train A Pitbull?

It’s a well-known fact that when training your dog, using a language that has distinct sounds and intonations can make a big difference in their ability to differentiate between different commands. This is why many people who work with dogs opt for languages like French, Dutch, or German when teaching their 4-legged friends new tricks.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Pitbull?

Depending on what kind of training for your Pity. But the average time for dog training is about 8-12 weeks. 

Are Pitbulls Good Family Dogs?

Yes. Pitbull is always a perfect option for the family dog position. They are very friendly, loyal, and safe for children and even other small animals.

Every dog and any other animal deserves love and respect. Therefore, there is no reason to deny a cutie and lovely doggo like Pitbull breed. Hopefully through this article, you will know how to train a pitbull like a pro. You can use this article as a reference, and vets will provide you with professional advice and help. Stay tuned for more amazing topics about dogs and their lives.


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