The Best Dog Food Picks For A Healthier Lifestyle

Do you often find yourself frustrated, worried or curious when it comes to times when buying dog food?

Most of us intend to feel this way when we just want what’s best for our darling fur babies. However, picking dog food would be quite difficult when we have a picky eater on our hands! When it comes to picking dog food, you probably ask yourself some questions like will my dog like this one? Is this healthy for my dog? Or is this the right choice to make?

Oh, I’ve been there and picking dog food won’t be as hard when you just know a few facts and consider important factors. We all first have to educate ourselves about the capabilities and cons of dog food and most importantly… we must know our dogs; their likes, their dislikes, and their conditions.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for the best dog food picks for a healthier lifestyle…

The 5 Different Kinds of Dog Food and their Advantages and Disadvantages

You didn’t think there is only one kind of dog food, didn’t you? Well, there are 5 different kinds! They vary from manmade kibbles to raw delicacies! Each one of them has their own advantages. But everything is not as perfect which gives them their disadvantages as well. However, they can be best at what they are in certain cases! I present to you the 5 Different Kinds of Dog Food…

#1 - Dry or Kibble Dog Food

Dry Dog Food, or Kibble, is certainly something you are quite familiar with. This is today’s most commercialized and used kind of dog food. One kibble consists of a variety of nutrients that are found necessary for all dogs. They can be in the form of all shapes and sizes that may be able to catch your fur baby’s attention. You can say it is like a dry cereal for your dog!


  • Lasts longer than most dog foods
  • Does not require you to place it in a refrigerator
  • Keeps your fur baby’s teeth healthy
  • Decreases chances of any tartar buildup for your dog
  • Easy and simple dog food preparation


  • Some manufactured dry dog foods can contain ingredients that are harmful to your dog’s health
  • Certain dry dog foods contain fillers, coloring, and meat by-products which can cause irritation to your dog’s digestive tract

#2 - Canned Dog Food

Canned Dog Food is the second of the most famous kind of dog food for it also carries a delicious meal for all picky eaters or those dogs who prefer wet canned dog food.

Some dogs just don’t like the idea of eating dry dog foods at all and the only solution for that is to go for the opposite! Canned Dog Foods also contain the same nutrients dry dog foods can offer.


  • Lasts long as it has a long shelf life of 1 to 3 years
  • Can be found easily in any supermarket
  • Edible for dogs who don’t have complete teeth or in the process of recovering from sickness
  • Works most of the time for the picky eaters
  • A great choice for fur babies with limited kidney functions


  • It can be very expensive compared to dry dog food
  • May cause your dogs to have loose stools

#3 - Semi-Moist Dog Food

Semi-Moist Dog Foods are commercial dog foods. They are mostly shaped to look something like bacon, candy, burgers, beef jerkies, pork chops and more. They are mostly considered as treats knowing that dogs find them very appealing and rather attractive. It gives out a tasty looking and alluring aroma that dogs find very pleasing to their stomachs.


  • They are best treats for your dog when training them or praising them
  • Could act as your dog’s special dessert after a certain meal
  • Most dogs often find this kind of dog food hard to resist
  • Easy and simple to give or hand out
  • Can come in different forms for the comfort of each breed


  • They can be very expensive even in small amounts
  • Mostly contains artificial flavors and coloring which can be harmful to dogs

#4 - Home Cooked Dog Food

Instead of giving your dog the same old kibbles and canned foods every day, why not try cooking for them? Who wouldn’t love a tasty cooked meal? Home cooking for dogs has been applicable to dog owners who have really picky fur babies and would just want to try what their owners are having. It would really be up to you whether you should try doing this or not.


  • Ingredients will be all up to you to give your dog the maximum nutritional value
  • Dog Food allergies can be avoided safely with home cooked meals to help you avoid a certain ingredient that triggers it
  • Your dog will be less exposed to preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring, hormones, and contamination is possible if you do not give them
  • Home cooked dog food is always fresh and appealing
  • If your dog is a picky eater, you wouldn’t have much trouble anymore with this


  • A balance of nutrients can be complicated to achieve
  • Tendencies of your dog at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies is possible if you do not give them the right balance of nutrients

#5 - Raw Dog Food

Like the word itself, this is raw dog food. Raw dog food mostly consists of uncooked bones, raw meat, and some organs. Most people feed their dogs these separately. Others would mix all these together in one bowl either adding a treat or not. This is not as common as the other kinds of dog foods for most dog owners rarely give their dogs a raw meal. Most consider this displeasing yet rather appealing to their fur babies.


  • Your dog’s digestion improves after the following few raw meals given right after
  • Teeth will be less prone to any decays or damages as it can be cleaner this way
  • Stools will become more firm and smaller
  • A natural source of calcium, protein, and phosphorus
  • Your dog’s skin will become much healthier due to its offered nutrients


  • The raw meals might contain harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella and other germs
  • Does not contain the other nutrients required for your dog

The Reasons Why You Should Start Being Dog Food Picky…

After knowing the 5 Different Kinds of Dog Food as well as their advantages and disadvantages, we all have to make sure we make the right decision for our dogs. Most of us dog owners intend to neglect the importance of doing such and carelessly take things without consideration. But now, it’s time to start changing all that and be open to the benefits when we start! So let me tell you why you should start being dog food picky…

  • Your dog will receive the right nutrients required
  • Less prone to allergies and harmful reactions
  • You can save more when making wise choices
  • Expect a great and healthy change in your dog’s lifestyle
  • Your dog’s coat of fur will be more smooth, shiny and radiant
  • The right dog food intends to boost your dog’s immune system
  • Stools will be more firm and in normal color
  • Visits to the vet will be much lesser
  • Expect to prevent any dental issues with the best dog food
  • Your dog’s lifespan may increase when given the nutritional requirements

The Best Dog Food Reviews

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All throughout the day, we all must always give time to get to know our dogs as well as making a bond with them. Doing such can make life with them easier. And a word of advice, when we know our dogs as much, talks with the vet, picking the toys, dog food and stuff will be easier knowing that you know all there is to your dog.

So how was it? Did this article manage to answer all your questions about picking the best dog food? If it did, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family! Thank you for giving your time into reading this article!