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Can Dogs Eat Beans?

The answer will be “Yes”, but it’s not that simple. It depends on what kind of and how much beans dogs eat. Beans have many health benefits such as regulating blood sugar, providing significant nutrition like B-vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Also, they are a rich source of fiber and protein. However, beans shouldn’t be used […]

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Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open? Facts You Need to Know

Do you face those times so often that you can’t help but ask yourself why do dogs sleep with their eyes open? This is actually a common mystery to most dog owners and only a few have discovered its secrets. Watching my dog sleeping with their eyes open worries and scares me. It makes me think […]

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How big will your puppy get? Find out here right now!

It’s not uncommon that an owner would want to know how big their little puppy can get, it’s one of the little joys of raising a dog starting from stage one. However, there can’t just be one size, after all, dogs have different breeds, breeds with different sizes. So, how big will your puppy get? […]

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The Best Dog Strollers for your Dog!

Dog strollers are the strollers just for you baby, but this time, it would be for a very furry baby. Most of the time, these strollers are for small dogs that find themselves easily tired, or you just want to take them someplace where they aren’t able to walk around in. In times like that, […]

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How Long Does a Dog Stay Pregnant? What You Need to Know

Most of the time, we intend to get curious on how the body of a pregnant dog works. Do they stay pregnant long enough like the humans? Or do they stay pregnant for a very short amount of time? Which still brings us back to the main question: How long does a dog stay pregnant? […]

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