My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore. What do I do?

Most pet owners experience the same thing and it leads them to feel depressed and probably giving them that one option to give them away to someone better so that they can be happy. Are you this person?


Saying, “My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” can hurt just by saying so. But let me help you with that. Let me tell you the possible causes of why your dog is this way and the things that you might need to do when you want to let your dog like you again. Let’s start, shall we?

The Many Possible Reasons Why your Dog Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Like all the things that make us fade from one person, there must be something causing your dog’s distance between the two of you. But what could it be? Do you ever ask yourself that? This may be the right time to ask, what did I do? Now, normally, all dogs will learn to love all their owners. It is somewhat in every dog’s instinct to love whoever wishes to take good care of them. But perhaps this was the both of you before. Now they aren’t even doing the things they did with you before. Let us take a look at the possible reasons why:

• You are probably annoying your dog almost every time

When you are and IF you are doing this to your dog, then this will certainly have them lose all respect for you. Dogs who find others annoying them every time can get them mad, discouraged, or even dislike you a lot. Examples of when you annoy your dog are…

 Forcing your Dog to do the things they don’t like

It’s simple. I don’t think you would like being forced to do things you don’t like either. And when you are being forced, I’m sure that you have changed feelings for the person who made you do these things. That’s exactly how your dog feels when you do this. It’s fine to do this only a few times, but doing this often is already irritating them and will no longer listen to you.

 Not letting him out of the house

This is like trapping your dog in a cage all the time and never letting them free or out of it. Dogs got to sniff, explore, and run because they are built for that! All that energy in them, bottled up just because you probably trap them inside the house all day. Like children, they will probably start ignoring you, disobeying you, or even hate you just because they don’t get exactly what they want or need.  You have been mean to their friend

Hey! Don’t touch my friend! You could probably hear them say this when they start barking at you as you do something to the person they like or the dog they are friends with. Maybe you have been yelling at that someone or hitting them. Dogs can be very protective of the ones they love. You should consider the things they love and perhaps change your ways when interacting with them.

 You take away something they like


Their favorite toy? Are they their favorite things to chew? Yes, taking these things from them can annoy them badly. Although some dogs may get over it after a short while, but other dogs will be mad at it for a very long time. This might be your dog. When your dog’s playing, try not to discipline them by taking their favorite toy as a punishment. Unless of course, they are chewing something that they are not supposed to. Just be gentle and make sure to never place that thing near your dog ever again.

 Scolding your dog in almost everything they do

Well hey, I know that dogs can be really naughty almost all the time and sometimes all they need is just discipline and control. But having too much of it is already going to cause your dog depression. By that, you are showing them more that you are in control other than showing them how much you love them and care for them. Try to keep things balanced. Once they listen to you, pet them, hug them or even give them their favorite treat.

• You are probably unknowingly crushing your dog’s spirit

Passion, motivation, happiness… most of all, spirit. These are what keeps us going in life, right? Well, same goes for your dog. You are probably…      

 Not giving exercises to your dog

Dogs love exercises. They love to run, fetch and play all day. Give them some of that sometime.    

 Taking away their food Food! We love food, don’t we?! So does your dog. Please don’t ever take them away when they need it. Punishing your dog by putting them in a crate They have done something bad, yes, but they never deserved to be in such situation. Try a gentler method such as trying to understand that your dog can’t always get what you say to them.

 Always yelling at your dog Dogs certainly don’t like being yelled at. Especially when they have no idea what you are saying. Might as well use gestures and find a way through it other than giving a whole speech to a dog who can probably never understand you.

 You leave your dog alone for such a long time

Being left all alone at home is just something we intend to avoid sometimes. Especially when the person you love is away for so long and you start to miss them. You probably left your dog most of the time and they have probably gotten used to it.

• You have been hitting your dog

This is something I don’t have to explain any further. Abuse is obviously something that can make your love relationship into a hate relationship. Avoid it at all costs if you want your dog to love you again.

What You Can Do to Bring It All Back?

Now, it’s not over yet. It is still possible to bring it all back! Don’t you worry! At least now you know the causes of what made your dog lose their love for you. It’s time to lessen these causes and bring on something new. Here are some things you can do:

Now, some of these things may be hard to do knowing that you probably have to start from scratch and make up for the things that have happened to you and your dog. In addition, we have provided some videos that may be able to help with the process.­

  • Useful Video Tips!

    When you’re not much of a reader, here are a few videos that might be able to help you on how to return the bond between you and your dog again!


You don’t have to worry anymore after a few tries of doing these methods. Some things can take time and may even take most of your attention to make things work. Your dog might just be needing just that. Your time as well as your attention. Never forget to give these two things to your dog every day.

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