Dog Can’t Catch Anything! Is There an Easy Way to Make them?


Catch! Run! You Fetch! C’mon! Even though how many times have I tried shouting, yelling and pleading to my dog, he won’t even move. This should be an exercise to keep him fit, but it is the other way around. I feel like an idiot every time I pick up the ball after throwing it for him. No matter how hard I try to sound like playful and excited, my dog just stares at me when I run for the ball myself.

This dog can’t catch anything! Where is the excitement here? I am completely sweating all over.

Why is my dog too lazy to catch?

I happily found out that I am not alone in this frustration. I love my dog dearly, please do not misinterpret me. I just desperately like to see him catch.

  • It just does not come out natural for some dogs to catch.
  • I need to figure out a way to teach him on how to do it.
  • He is still young, so having some difficulty maybe? Hello, he is a malamute, too large to be called a puppy.
  • I know that he is perfect and fit and for him catching is still something new.
  • I do not think there is a medical problem though, he eats like there is no tomorrow and runs like crazy inside the house. We will both get there, eventually.

So what do I do to make him catch the ball?

Pretty sure there are lots of tricks there to keep us (me and my dog) starting. We’ve got plenty of stuff here for him to catch. Here are a few techniques that I think will work.

  • It would be a start, I guess it’s going to be painful, picking up a ball? Let’s start, soft and small.
  • Bring some little treat with you. Give your dog some, if he shows even little progress.
  • If you see that he gets bored in the middle of catching, like literally stops and lie down, leaving you to fetch the ball yourself, try to engage on some dog plays that he like.
  • If toys won’t work, try throwing his treats to the air. See if he would catch it. If not, pick it up (as usual) do not let him eat it. If he realizes he can’t eat it If he does not catch it, maybe it would motivate him. Stubborn malamute! And hey, make sure you are speedy quick in retrieving the treat, or else he’ll get there first. Unfair?
  • If you ran out of treats (yeah, way too expensive), try veggie cuts and bits of fruits.

Here is a video clip on how to teach a dog to catch treats, let us see how.

What are the commands that usually dogs listen to?

We are doing it right and we are having fun! Yep, my dog and I. I have observed that there are certain words that he is alert in listening to. As if it is a cue for him to obey. I took the advantage and use them to make the training easier and we are absolutely bonding. Gone are the days when I say my dog can’t catch!

  • Sit works anytime when I want him to behave and not mess around.
  • Comehe understands, especially If I have food in my hand, hah!
  • Stay– he is like a baby. Frets when I go out, won’t let go of me but this magic word helped!
  • Downhe gets too excited when he sees I am coming home, he is so heavy, big, and tall he could knock me out. He obeys when I say down, he’s a good boy.
  • Leave itthank goodness to this command, I do not need to worry about that cat next door!
  • Catchthere you go! Yep, he is learning to catch. He just does not want to let go of the ball.
  • Go- took me a long while to make him move but he listens now, er, sometimes J
  • No- This works! But I have to make my voice really convincing, otherwise, that pie on the table is long gone.
  • Drop- He decides on when to listen to this. When it comes to balls, he won’t. He finds it fun when I desperately grab it from his mouth and throw it again.

Definitely, teaching the dog with these basic commands, made our relationship in the house more fun. It began to be less stressful and he is now like my youngest child, learning how to talk.

What are the secrets to keeping your dog obedient to all your commands?

I am really proud of myself and of course of my dog when he tries to catch and bring the ball back to me. I can’t describe how happy I am when I see him running back to me, bringing that ball. At least it is no longer me, panting all the way back to the picnic mat, yeah! Let me share with you secrets on why he finally did listen to me.

  • Listen to your dog– ends up that even with dogs, it has to be both ways. Listen to me, and I will listen to your It is not all the time I do the commands, I need to observe if he is not tired, hungry, sick or just his napping time.
  • Show your dog you love him– There is no fuss on this, dogs are sensitive, they would know!
  • Be firm and consistent- Dogs are smart. They know if you are serious or not. Let him know you are the leader of the pack. Don’t waver nor cool off. The next time you know, it is the other way around.
  • Don’t expect too much, be realyour dog will always be dogs, who does naughty stuff. Take it slow, accept and be patient. Training takes long, even forever.
  • Nourish him with high-quality foodnutrition is important, healthy dog, happy dog, and a happy dog make an owner proud!

After all those talks, and still, your dog can’t catch even a treat, try to check if he got some difficulty in running. Maybe a pain in his paw or a pain in his mouth? A medical check-up will work so fine. Still the same, all it got to take is patience, love, and lots of care. Share this to all you know who are having difficulty in training their dogs too and don’t forget to share your comments right here!


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