How To Euthanize A Dog With Sleeping Pills At Home? The Complete Guide


It is time! Most people would say when they know exactly what was going on. And some of us intend not to accept it or that we are just not ready to let go. Losing our most precious pets is something that I wouldn’t want to happen at all.

As their human parents, we have taken care of them ever since they came into our lives and it has been quite a ride.

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But when it is time, sometimes we have to accept what is there now. How to euthanize your dog with sleeping pills is what we intend to learn as we are readying ourselves. However, such method only aides in the euthanizing process as this gives your pet a less painful death. It puts them to sleep before another drug is being injected. But before that, we have to know what these things we are putting our pet through…

What is euthanized?

Euthanizing or euthanized is what we can say killing in a merciful manner. It is derived from a Greek word which means “Good Death”. This can happen between animals and humans. Today it is mostly common for dogs, cats, or any animal. This is a process in which a professional veterinarian ends their life in a non-painful way. It will end their sufferings with just a few procedures.

People make these choices when it just cannot be helped anymore. Either that their pet is already suffering a condition that cannot be treated or that they have grown too old and have developed bodily problems. This process can be done in different methods. But the most common method is by injecting an overdose of pentobarbital until your pet slowly begins to pass away.

How do you know when to euthanize a dog 

Assessing Quality Of Life: Key Indicators To Help Make The Decision To Euthanize Your Dog

Determining when it is time to euthanize a beloved dog is an emotionally challenging decision. However, assessing their quality of life can provide valuable guidance during this difficult time. Several key indicators can help you make an informed choice.

  1. Chronic or terminal illness: If your dog’s condition cannot be adequately managed or cured despite efforts, such as Dog Congestive Heart Failure. it may be necessary to consider euthanasia.
  2. Loss of bodily functions: If your dog can no longer control their bladder or bowels, causing constant discomfort and soiling, it is a sign that their quality of life has significantly diminished.
  3. Lack of appetite and persistent weight loss: Significant and sustained loss of appetite leading to weight loss could indicate underlying health problems. If efforts to address the issue prove unsuccessful and your dog is unable to eat or enjoy food.
  4. Respiratory difficulties: Dogs experiencing severe discomfort, persistent coughing, or labored breathing due to respiratory issues may face ongoing distress. If the underlying cause cannot be effectively managed, euthanasia might be a consideration to prevent further suffering.
  5. Incurable injuries: In cases where dogs suffer severe injuries that cannot be treated, resulting in a poor prognosis and prolonged suffering, euthanasia may be considered to prevent unnecessary pain.

Spending Your Dog’s Last Hours with Them

These days, when we know that we just have to decide right away, it’s never going to be as easy as it is. Knowing that we spent most of our days with these precious creatures, it’s going to be hard as it is like saying goodbye to a loved one as a piece of our hearts break. We have done all we can and we have done what was needed, but it would seem that it wasn’t enough.

This is the part when we have to make the most of it before it is gone. The best thing that you can do to your pet before they pass is to spend your dog’s last hours with them as this is probably all the happiness they need before they close their eyes to sleep and fade to their afterlife.

  • You have to talk to them. Your voice is probably one of the most comforting things that they will ever hear.
  • Give them hugs. Your touch is going to be something they’d miss throughout the last seconds of their life.
  • Pet them. I know they’d love this as much as they will cherish all your hugs and kisses.
  • Hold your pet’s paw. They are scared of what’s to come and what they don’t know will happen.

These are the four things you have to do before the time comes. Most of all, we have to be there for them in their most painful moments.

Some Things You Need to Know Before Euthanizing

Before euthanizing your dog, there are a few things you have to consider. Asking yourself questions before you do would be a good start.

The Questions you need to ask yourself first…

  • How do I know that it is the right time to euthanize my dog?
  • What are those things that make me worry and fear to euthanize?
  • Is this the right choice best for me or best for my pet?
  • Does this concern my family and the people that surround me?
  • Am I only doing this for my interest or am I also considering the others’ interest?

You also have to know what to expect when it comes to Euthanasia.

A Veterinarian’s Advice

Another thing you have to consider is what the veterinarian has to say. We have provided two videos coming out from two veterinarians speaking of euthanasia.

After watching and asking yourself. Did you get the answers that you were looking for? If you think that you still need to euthanize your pet, then we can proceed to this article. But if you still think that there’s a chance and that this should not be done this time, then better to fall back.

How to Euthanize your Dog with Sleeping Pills

As I have mentioned before, this method is only able to aide in the process of euthanizing your pet. However, there are instances that it may actually work alone.

The euthanizing process mainly consists of overdosing your pet with certain drugs to give them a “Good Death” or merciful death. Euthanizing your dog with sleeping pills might work. But most veterinarians claim that this method does not always work and can only result in your pet sleeping longer than usual and wake up with more bodily problems. Either that, this method can lead to your pet puking all the pills out instead of euthanizing your pet like you wish to do.

Where to euthanize your dog?

There are a few options to consider. Here are some common choices:

Veterinary Clinic: Most euthanasias take place at a veterinary clinic or hospital. You can schedule an appointment with your regular veterinarian or find a specialized clinic that offers end-of-life services. Veterinarians are experienced in performing euthanasia procedures and can provide a calm and controlled environment for you and your dog.

In-Home Euthanasia: Some veterinarians offer in-home euthanasia services. This allows your dog to be in familiar surroundings during their final moments, which can be more comfortable and less stressful for both you and your pet. In-home euthanasia provides a more intimate and personalized experience but may require advance scheduling and additional fees.

Animal Hospitals or Emergency Clinics: In certain situations, such as emergencies or after-hours situations, you may need to consider an animal hospital or emergency clinic for euthanasia services. These facilities are equipped to handle urgent cases and can provide the necessary care during challenging times.

Only you and your loved ones can decide where is the best place to euthanize your beloved dog. Discuss this important choice with all family members to make sure everything is in the best interest of your dog.

How much to euthanize a dog?

The cost of euthanizing a dog can vary depending on various factors such as geographic location, veterinary clinic/hospital fees, additional services requested, and any associated aftercare options.

Generally, the cost of euthanasia can range from around $50 to $300 or more. It is recommended to contact local veterinary clinics or hospitals in your area to inquire about their specific pricing and services offered. They will be able to provide you with accurate information regarding the cost of euthanizing your dog.

How long does it take to euthanize a dog?

The euthanasia process for a dog typically takes a relatively short amount of time, usually only a few minutes. However, the exact duration can vary depending on factors such as the dog’s size, age, and overall health condition.

This method is also illegal and inhumane in some areas so to speak. I heavily advise you to have a veterinarian do this process for you. Or much better, let them do what they think is best.

  • You must have your sleeping pills ready
  • Ask the veterinarian how much dosage would it take to euthanize your dog with sleeping pills
  • Always make sure that your pet is in a comfortable area; much better if they are at home
  • Let the veterinarian handle everything else

How to euthanize a dog with over the counter drugs? 

Besides sleeping pills, you can easily euthanize a dog with over-the-counter medications like Benadryl, Tylenol PM. These products can be purchased at any store that sells food, pet supplies, and grooming supplies.

Product Name

Availability Our thought
Benadryl It is estimated that Benadryl can be lethal to dogs at 24-30mg/kg of body weight by IV administration. it is NOT a comfortable way for your dog to pass away, and we recommend other options.
Tylenol pm Generally 100mg/kg. It typically takes 24-48 hours before your pet dies it is NOT a comfortable way for your pet to pass away, and we recommend other options.
Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone that can be used to help ease a dog into a peaceful death. You can read more about how to use Melatonin in here
Antifreeze As little as half a teaspoon per pound of a dog’s body weight can result in fatality. it is NOT a comfortable way for your pet to pass away, and we recommend other options.

FAQ about euthanize a dog with sleeping pills

What pill do they give dogs to put them to sleep?

A: The euthanasia medication most vets use is pentobarbital, a seizure medication.

How can I help my dog pass away peacefully?

Pain management: If your dog is experiencing any pain or discomfort, work closely with your vet to ensure your dog as comfortable as possible during this time.

Create a calm environment: Provide a quiet and comfortable space for your dog. Minimize noise and disturbances to help them feel secure and at ease.

Spend quality time: Spend quality time with your dog, gentle petting or grooming, if they are still able to enjoy them.

Consider euthanasia at home: This can help reduce stress for your dog by allowing them to be in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Be present: Many people choose to stay with their pets during the euthanasia process. This can provide emotional support to your dog and help you say goodbye.

Will sleeping pills hurt a dog?

No, sleeping pills do not hurt your dog. Sleeping pills when used as an euthanasia for dogs will be carefully considered in terms of dosage to ensure that your dog passes away peacefully.

Is Euthanizing Your Dog with Sleeping Pills Legal?

Euthanizing a dog with the appropriate medications, administered by a licensed veterinarian, is generally considered legal in many jurisdictions. The specific regulations and requirements may vary depending on the country, state, or region where you reside. It’s important to consult local laws and regulations or consult with a veterinarian to understand the legal aspects of euthanasia in your specific location.


You have made the hardest decision in your life and letting go would probably be the most terrible and hardest things to do too. But you should know that this is probably what your pet would have wanted. This is to be free from all the pain and suffering they have gone through. As a pet owner, you know exactly what is best for them.

Update – How I lost my “Honey”?…06/13/2018

One day after Honey, my little dog, died, I am in a keen sorrow now when I am typing these lines. Honey stayed with us almost six months, and we had a wonderful time together. Until now, I still can’t believe that she was gone because of Care virus.

However, for sure, my sorrow can’t be as much as the pain my dog has had to suffer in the past one month. Last May, we was so happy to know that she got pregnant, but after three days, something wrong happened to her, and then we took her to the vet, and the vet found that she not only lost her pregnancy but also got blood poisoning and fever. I was a terrible day for us. At that time, the only thing we want to do is to save her at any cost. And then, we took her to the vet every day for medicine transfer and injection.

After she had gotten better, we came back our hometown for two weeks for our wedding. We gave her to our sister and asked her to take care of Honey. After two weeks, we came back, Honey was so happy that she jumped on my body and cried. Since then, she followed close behind me to everywhere even though we went to the toilet. It seems to be that she was afraid to lose us again.

But the happiness of union didn’t last so long. Honey started to refuse to eat even her favorite food. She scratched a lot and got runny nose. I found many ulcers under her stomach. She might suffer a lot of pain. We took her to the vet again. He made a double check and the result was the same, she got Care virus which there is no cure. The vet gave us two options. The first one is killing her by injection, and the second one is keeping her, but he said that she was going to die after several weeks. I couldn’t hold back my tears at that moment. I and my husband hold Honey in our arms and made a very difficult decision that is killing her by injection because we don’t want her to suffer from the pain anymore and spread the virus to our neighbors. We cried a lot to see Honey’s death and we experienced the utmost sadness on the way back home. After that we buried her and wish that she would be happy in the next life.


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