Pet Alert! Are You Frustrated When Your Dog Pees in Crate?


Oops…He did it again! Do you have a snub, stubborn but adorable and handsome dog? Yeah, and every time this dog pees in crate, I burst into anger and my blood pressure goes up high to the max. Is there a way to make him stop?I have searched for possible reasons for why he does this and a few tips that I am so eager to try. Can you be with me on this crucial journey?Quick NavigationWhy does this dog Pees in Crate?What Do I Need to Do to Make Him Stop Peeing in Crate?

Why does this dog Pees in Crate?

First, we need to find out the cause why dogs pee in the crate. I really thought that they are the type that won’t mess on their bed space but obviously, I am wrong. Let us dig into probable reasons why they do it. Is he doing it on purpose?

  • His Crate Size is Too Big

Of course, when the crate is too big, there is plenty of space. He can use the other side as his peeing domain and the other side as his sleeping area. It won’t really bother him since there is plenty of places to walk around.

  • He is already Used to it

My dog was already peeing in his crate long before I brought him home with me. He was never trained right from the start that is why he is having a hard time shaking off the habit.

  • Medical Condition

Maybe he really wants to listen when I tell him not to but he just can’t stop it, he has to go! Certain conditions such as bladder problems cause uncontrollable urges. It would be better to let the vet do some check-ups to really know the problem.

  • Stress-Related

Dogs who are not used to being put inside a crate will experience stress on the first few weeks he is confined. He may not understand the reason why he is being imprisoned inside. Naturally, he would like to go out. Undergoing such emotional stress will result in accidents.

  • Do not have proper feeding and potty schedule

Keeping your dog on a proper schedule on when to feed him, walk and potty time would be a great help. In no time, he would be able to remember the schedule and stick to it. You must be firm and consistent in teaching him this otherwise, it won’t work.

What Do I Need to Do to Make Him Stop Peeing in Crate?

There is got to be a trick on how to make my dog stop peeing in his crate. How do I address probable reasons to resolve this dilemma? Let us start on it one by one.

  • Time to get scrubbing! Dogs tend to pee in the same places. It may be related to the domain or territorial but I guess, when they can smell their mark, they go back to it and make it their favorite loo. So what I am going to do is clean the crate thoroughly making sure there is no more odor left for them to smell. I need do this again every time he does it.

Here’s some more great info on crate and house training a puppy:​

  • Take out the fancy stuff! All the blankets, pillows and anything soft for my little boy should be taken out. I observed that he likes to poop and pee on soft and grassy surfaces. Maybe he is confused and thought that those comfort items that I bought for him are just like the grass and the soft sand. No, not anymore.
  • Remembering the crate? I purchased specifically a big one so that he could still fit in when he grows up. I guess I need to buy a temporary small one for now. It might work, a smaller place to clean too.

Here’s another great tutorial on proper potty training in general:​

  • Open the crate, making him free to come and go. This will give him enough time to wander outside and look for a better place to pee. You can even put dog food in there so that he can associate the crate as his dining place and not the loo.
  • It is a shame I admit when I say I really do not have a routine for the feeding and potty time. Just put food in the bowl and he could eat it when he likes to. Walk him around but not as scheduled only when I want to. More on peeing and pooping, I did not care until I can’t take the mess and the bad odor anymore. This time, mama will be strict. A schedule for both of us is going to be implemented. Oh boy, that means, I could exercise too. How to do this?

–> Feeding routine must be the same time daily. That means pooping and peeing will follow after that. Take note of the time so I will have an idea when to let him go out for a walk to poop and to pee.

–>Make his poop and pee two hours before bedtime. If he goes, then there is nothing left to let go back in the crate. If this will be a routine, it will really work.

  • Go socializing! This is good for both of us, my dog and me. It is good to have new friends. My dog can play around with other dogs. This may help him with the stress problem and loosen up a little bit. This is good for me too, talking to people who have the same frustrations as me.
  • Have you tried stalking your dog? Weird right? However, how can you tell him right in front of his nose if you won’t catch him in the act? It is a nice feeling to correct your dog to something he did wrong when he has no escape.
  • Alright, I do not want to give up, but If you want an easier way around, contact a dog trainer or any professional that can help. It would be expensive and no fun at all, making them do the training but it is stress-free, right?
  • Like, little children, this adorable dog needs to be praised too. Every time he pees or poops in the right place, give him a treat and throw him all the praises you can think of. How about that?
  • And oops… before I forget, got to have that trip with him to the vet. Just trying to make sure I am not doing all of those in the above for nothing. There could be some medical problem that I do not know. Poor doggy, you could be trying that hard!

So what do you think about this article? I have learned a lot and honestly, I and my little buddy did have a great bonding together. If somebody out there is having the same situations as mine, you can try work it out like I did and see what in the above tips would work fine with you. Good luck in training your dog and I am sure you will both do it with flying colors! If you like to share your own technique, feel free to comment, right here!


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