How big will your puppy get? Find out here right now!


It’s not uncommon that an owner would want to know how big their little puppy can get, it’s one of the little joys of raising a dog starting from stage one. However, there can’t just be one size, after all, dogs have different breeds, breeds with different sizes. So, how big will your puppy get? Puppies, as adorable they are right now, eventually grow bigger into bigger creatures of love and happiness. Scroll down a little more and let the thirst of your curiosity be quenched!

As I have said before, dogs have different sizes according to their breed. Each breed will grow into the limit of their specific size and will stop from there. The first size is one preferred to a large number of people due to the fact that they are easier to take care of.


The small size is exactly how you picture it. An example of a small breed would be the Chihuahua, the Small Poodle, and the Pomeranian. They are one of the most popular small breeds there are to know.


Medium dogs are often mistaken as large dogs, especially to those who are unaccustomed to dogs bigger than their own little munchkins. Popular examples of the medium-sized would be the Golden Retriever, the Siberian husky, and the Standard Schnauzer.


Now, these are the type of dogs that often the professionals are able to handle, however, there are those who are fond of the large breed, after all, they give them best jump hugs. Examples of the large size would be the Great Dane, St. Bernard, and the Alaskan malamute.

Breeds according to their sizes do not have the same sizes in numbers, however, I can give you the rating from what an average basic size would be able to look like starting from one small size from that category all the way to one of the biggest in that category.

What are the sizes for a small puppy?

Of course, not all small dogs will grow to the same size, after all, the average Chihuahua is smaller than a poodle dog, nonetheless, all of them are pretty small, adorably so. Here are the average sizes a small dog will be able to have.

A Chihuahua is labeled as the smallest dog breed of all, and there’s no denying it. It is indeed super tiny. The average Chihuahua will only be able to be as heavy as 3 kilograms, or in other words, their maximum size will only reach up to 23 centimeters!

  • Dachshund

A dachshund is also considered as a small breed dog, however, it in a much bigger size compared to the Chihuahua. A dachshund can be the most adorable 15 kilograms. Of course, its height is nothing compared to the length of its hotdog body.

What are the sizes for a medium puppy?

For those who have big yards and the time to go outside jogging with their dogs, medium dogs are the best choice for them. Most of the time, people get medium dogs in order to have someone guard, or even just one pup large enough for them to cuddle with. So, what are the sizes a medium puppy can grow into?

  • Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz resembles one of the most popular breeds in Japan, the Shiba Inu, and there’s a reason for it. They’re not too big and not too little, the best kind of size that one ordinary person would be able to handle. They can only grow up to 50 centimeters. The best kind of fluff you would want to hold.

are the sweet honey syrup of the dog breed that everybody seems to know, they are big, fluffy, and friendly. A golden retriever can grow all the way up to 61 centimeters and with all that lean muscle and fur, they can be 34 kilograms heavy.

What are the sizes for a large puppy?

In all honesty, large breeds are one of the hardest to take care of, however, once they’re all grown, it’s all worth it because their size is equal to the amount of love they will have for you. So, here are the sizes that a large breed puppy can grow into.

  • Great Pyrenees

Who doesn’t love a huge ball of fluff causing you to fall down in satisfying pain as they hug you with all their affection? The Great Pyrenees can be up to 82 centimeters and a suffocating 54 kilograms.

  • Great Dane

Now, who doesn’t know this famous breed? The Great Dane is one of the biggest dogs ever, of course, it isn’t as buff and intimidating as the enormous bear dog, but it is still huge in its own right. The Great Dane can reach up all the way to 81 centimeters and be as heavy as 90 kilograms. If that isn’t what you call big then I don’t know what is.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and your little puppy now, no matter how small, will soon grow up to its full size. There are three different basic sizes that dogs are categorized as, the Small, Medium, and Large size. All of these sizes are different, but that doesn’t make the dogs any different from each other, after all, all dogs are loveable no matter what they look like.

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