Curious as to How Long Do Dachshunds Live? Here it is!


Got an adorable Dachshund in your home? Wondering how long you get to spend time with them? No need to wonder anymore! Read here right now and you’ll find out! The Dachshund is a world known breed! This is because of their iconic body shape. Sometimes nicknamed the ‘hotdog dog’, the Dachshund is most loved! When getting a pet, we would always wonder how long they’d be able to stay.


So, the main question is how long can your Dachshund live? Scroll down a little more and you will find out!

How long do Dachshunds live?

This long-bodied, short-legged dogs that come in different colors of black, tan, cream, red and chocolates. This hound-type dog was used a long time ago by hunters to help them hunt for their game. They have proven clever and efficient in this task. Their lifespan is an average of 14-17 years. For a 15 kilogram dog, it is quite long. Now you know how long you will enjoy the company of your beloved fur baby! Though sometimes stubborn, they can live with other pets at home. However, watch out since they tend to get jealous and hide all the good stuff for himself! Dachshund may be small but it is a loyal and brave dog. It guards his territory strictly and won’t let anyone pass through it without his permission. If you have one, you do not need a house guard or doorbell anymore. Yet, you don’t need to be worried. Dachshunds are at the same time playful, loveable and are very devoted to the family he is living with. Having this lively and fun-loving fur baby gives joy at home.

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What to do to make them live long as expected?

Sad to say, though they live in approximately 17 years the most, per latest record, many of them live in just a decade. It is where health issues come in. How they live and how they are taken care of is a big factor in their longevity.

Here are some tips on how to make them healthy:

  • Give to them their needed attention like play dates, exercise, and toys.

Though they belong to small breeds, Dachshunds still need their daily walks. You’ve got to drain that stored energy by indulging them with games and giving the toys to play with. Aside from keeping their muscles strong, this will prevent them from being hyperactive inside the house.

  • Provide the right food for them.

If you are careful, you will choose the dog food that is appropriate for them. Be sure that it contains the nutrients it needs. Refer to the guide (often seen on the dog food package) on how much you should feed for the day.

  • Bring them to a regular visit to the vet.

There is nothing more important than making sure your Dachshund is healthy all the time. A regular trip to the vet for his shots and daily supplements are important. You should be observant on any health problems like infections, allergies and major illnesses. An immediate action when you detect major problems will keep it from getting worst.

  • Make them a part of your family.

A loved dog is a happy dog. Dachshunds are dedicated dogs to the family. It would be best to counter these positive characteristics with love and care. There is no better medicine than the strong bond between the dog and the owner.

Causes why Dachshunds live shorter than expected

Taking good care of your dog helps a lot in their whole being. A healthy and happy lifestyle keeps the owner/pet relationship strong. However, there are other reasons why they can’t live up to the maximum of 17 years.

  • Owner Maltreatment

It is very unfortunate to know that there are dog owners who are not ready to take care of pets. They turn out to be irresponsible and worst case cruel to dogs. Majority of the dogs in the shelter were abandoned. They are being cured of malnutrition, physical abuse, and negligence.

  • . Major Diseases

Common health problems for Dachshunds is true to all breeds that small and standards. As soon as you notice the symptoms related to this illness, you should seek medical help.

Below are common diseases that you should watch out for.:

  • Eye Care Problems

This breed has hereditary eye problems like cataracts, eye dryness and slowly dying of eye cells. As the owner, you’ve got to clean your dog’s eyes properly and check for any probable infections.

This diseases mostly are for large breeds but is also common to dachshunds. You will notice that the rare legs of your dog are lame because its hip joints are already deformed.  As a dog owner, feed your dog with low-calorie food and do not let them grow overweight. Give them regular exercise.

  • Seizures

Seizures are usually caused by epilepsy. If your dog has this, you need to give him proper medication. Your vet will orient you on how to cope up on the occurrences.

Now you know facts about Dachshunds. If you own one, at least you are now prepared on what to do to keep him healthy. Dogs live longer if loved by their owners. The bond gives the home joy and fun.

Patience always comes in handy when we have little darlings. You will see, it is all worth it!


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