What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down? 7 Tips To Soothe A Hyper Dog

Is stress dawning on you? Does your back ache and your legs sore? Are you having trouble coping up with your hyperactive dog? What can you give a dog to calm him down? There are dogs that naturally are energetic. It may be the breed but if what you have right now is stressing you down, he may fall into the said category. Hyperactive dogs seem to have unlimited energy especially if they are still puppies. When they’re grown up, they will calm down and follow routines.
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Don’t they?

Techniques on How to Calm Your Dog

When your dog hardly calms down, over-excited or so active, he may either be bored or lacks motivation. So, to resolve this upsetting situation, consider a technique to work together with your dog. Try to establish activities for your dog like a daily routine.

The common fix that owners usually apply to hyperactive dogs are to give:

  • Medication

Medication is really effective. No doubt that your hyperactive dog will become dormant like a sleeping volcano. But medicine is just a temporary fix. It won’t last for long.

It is not advisable to give drugs to your dog every time he acts up. In fact, you can’t use certain drugs unless your vet has authorized you so.

  • Restraints

You can try cages, leashes or fences. But like drugs, it is just a temporary fix. If you have tried it, you will know that it works. It keeps you a little bit out of trouble but it never really calms him down.

Above options are not a permanent solution. Your real problem is to deal with your dog’s behavior that can change him to always calm down even without drugs or restraints.

  • Ignore your dog when he is acting super excited.

Dogs are attention seekers. Especially if 0you are not always around, your dog tends to act excited when you arrive home. If you give him the attention he wants, you are encouraging the very behavior that you want to correct.

So, whenever your dog acts like that again, you try not to react and walk pass him. You might be astonished how fast he would quiet down.

  • Give your fur baby something to work on.

It is a big help if your dog has something to focus his attention to. Hyper dogs may be a problem that comes from a bored mind or much-stored energy. Give him a focus wherein he can spend all his energy and the same time keeping his mind busy.

Try making him bring some stuff while you are walking around. Put it in a backpack and fasten on his back. A little load will keep him calm.

  • Establish an energetic routine.

Prepare your dog and yourself. Engaging your dog to a walk or run every day is a very effective in burning energy for both you and the dog. You can also let him join marathons or rigid training. You’ll see, your dog will be snoring before you’re home.

  • Aromatherapy

Since dogs rely on their sense of smell, I bet, aromatherapy is a hit. Lavender for one is known to have a relaxing effect to us, so this soothing smell can also have the same reaction to your dogs. To play safe, you can ask recommendation from your vet or experts on what is good and safe aroma for your dog.

  • Avoid situations that trigger your dog’s excitement.

You identify causes of your dog’s excitement. Sometimes, the triggering points are visitors, a cat, another dog, or birds. As much as possible, you avoid exposing him to it. It is not a guarantee to fix the problem but it will minimize the times that it is hard for you to handle.

  • Establish Eye Contact with Your Dog

This is not hard to practice with your dog. This technique is useful for dogs that are easily distracted on losing focus. Some dogs can easily be destructed even by just a plastic carried away by the wind, butterflies or even leaves.

This Eye Contact is a game made a tool by trainer Laura Blanz. In this method, the dog learns to focus on you and eventually learn the skill of being relaxed. When you already know how to get your dog’s attention, it is easy for you to teach him additional skills.

  • Chinese Veterinary Medicine

The so-called alternative medicine has a version that is intended for animals too. Acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs and food energy therapy can help. Make sure to ask a vet that is well trained in these ancient healing arts.

  • Physical Contact

Dogs like being touched. They loved being rubbed in their belly, being massaged in their head or even petting their back. I remember I had a dog who loves to lie down under our dining table because he knew we are going to put our feet on him while eating.

Physical contact helps humans and dogs to take away apprehension, distress, and tension.

  • Diet

What your dog eats is very important. See the food label and see the instructions. Are you feeding your dog the right amount, or too much?

  • Music Therapy

Who does not like music? Music indeed lessens the anxiety and stress of people. Don’t you know, that even with dogs, it is effective too?

Try to check out this “Through the dog’s Ear” music therapy. It may be what you are looking for to calm down your dog.

  • Training

If your dog is well trained, no matter how hyper- active he is, it is easy to manage the situations. A well-trained dog will follow your commands and will act as you please.

So, what you need is patience, effort and time to train your dog. Be firm and be consistent. This is the best method to calm down your dog. Let him know who is the leader of the pack.


  • When planning to adopt a dog, try to find out the breed that is suitable for you. If you are the kind of person that can’t cope up with too many physical activities, choose a dog that is less active. Search for the different kinds of breeds and their qualities.
  • Dogs are like human beings who needs exercise. If you own a dog, take time and effort to engage them in physical activities.

I certainly hope that this article has been a great help on what you can give to your dog to calm him down. Just like us, every dog is unique. Even when the dog is well trained, a lot of cases they are still hard to handle. Yet with lots of patience and understanding, you will get there.

Training your dog does not happen overnight. Every day is always a training day for you and for your dog. If you think this article is worth sharing, feel free to hit like, and share!


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