Pit Bulls are a fierce breed that would be one of the great options for guarding your home, but they are just as cuddly as they are strong. However, Pit Bulls have a certain appearance that they require to maintain. After all, a scrawny Pit Bull isn’t what you would call a healthy Pit Bull. You would need to give your dog some more weight while they have you with them. Here, I will present to you the best dog food for Pit Bulls to Gain Weight.

Pit Bull FACTS via this graphic:

What is the Dog food that adds weight to your Pit Bull?

Perhaps you’re thinking “But won’t that mean that my Pit Bull is going to get fat and lazy?”

On the contrary, my friend, the kind of weight that I am referring to is definitely not the increase of 100% fat. Instead, the kind of weight that has been added due to the fact that your Pit Bull will be gaining a lot of lean muscle. This is the healthy kind of weight that your Pit Bull would need.

What are the different things you must know before buying?

Before you start the things that you need to learn, here you have a video about how you are supposed to feed a Pit Bull for muscle instead of fat.

Knowing what is necessary for a good Pit Bull food is important, and learning the different needs applies for every other product when buying anything. I would help you save some money and as a bonus, with the right eye for things you would even be able to get the best product.

All you need to do is pay attention and you will not have to go through the different frustrations of going from one bad product to another.

  • What are the different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your Pit Bull can gain when eating the dog food?

This would be the first thing you need to know, of course, after all, it’s the most important one. Picking out any random food for your dog without checking what it can do can have some side effects and disappointing results, and you might never know that you’ve chosen one of those fakes made out of cardboard, or perhaps even flooding with artificial elements.

  • Will it cause poisoning?

That’s the thing with overly cheap dog food, it would do a lot of things to your dog and I don’t mean in a good way. Inside of it are many different harmful chemicals, one of the reasons why it’s so cheap, and with that, it might even cause your dog food poisoning! Wouldn’t want this to happen, do you?

  • Can your Pit Bull handle this food?

You’re the only one who knows your Pit Bull the best, and so you should know what kind of food your Pit Bull is comfortable with. What kind of flavor do they like? What kind of things are they able to chew and swallow? Will this kind of food give them a tummy ache? Pick wisely or your dog won’t just be having one wet business, but two.

Have you gotten all of the needs down? Perhaps now you are ready to check out the different dog foods. Here we have to present the Best Pit Bull Dog Food for gaining weight.

If you’re still new to the whole ‘owning a dog’ business, you probably think that dogs would eat anything they want, and in a way, this is sort of true. However, is what you are giving them enough for them to grow in the right way? Is it giving them enough nutrition? You must be sure in things like this.

If you aren’t giving your dog the proper food that they need, you would lead them to malnutrition. Malnutrition is already a form of animal abuse because it’s still hurting your pet.

What are the different signs of malnutrition in dogs?

Of course, it’s not always in your intention to be starving your dog. Most of the time, when a dog is suffering minor malnutrition it’s because their owners have yet to fully understand what a dog requires. The owners might not be giving their dog enough attention due to personal reasons, or maybe have even forgotten to feed them a couple of times.

Either way, there’s no worthy excuse to do something like that to your dog. Here are four signs of malnutrition in dogs.

  • Lack of energy
  • Unusual Droppings
  • Physical Appearance
  • Easy falls sick

With all of that said, it’s about time that you are able to move on to the reviews for the Best Pit bull dog food for gaining weight.

For the very first product, we will be starting with a more specific type dog food from the brand Nutro


This dog food is specifically for weight management. Very well known to other people and comes from a highly trusted brand. This is a dog food that is completely free of any harmful substance towards dogs. There is not a single preservative inside of it, as well as any other artificial elements. Everything here is pure.

Things we like

  • Weight management purpose
  • Completely natural
  • No preservatives or artificial elements
  • No chicken
  • Includes a new blend of nutrients

Things we don't like

  • Price is very high

For our next entry, we have a dog food with a different kind of packaging from others, a Purine ONE Smartblend.

#2 - Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Weight Formula Dry Dog Food


This dog food has a formula that will enable your dog to gain as much healthy weight as possible. With its delicious blend of real turkey infused and scattered into its flavor, it is an assured high-quality protein source that will support your dog’s muscles and help in developing a healthy heart. Other features include it giving your dog a much radiant coat compared to before as well as smoother skin. The longer you feed your dog this dog food, the more your pup would grow stronger and healthier.

Things we like

  • Real turkey as an ingredient
  • High-quality protein source
  • Helps give strong muscles and a healthier heart
  • Natural sources
  • Better coat and skin for your dog

Things we don't like

  • Price may be too much for one to afford

This brand should be familiar to you as it is everywhere around these parts, the Dr. Harvey’s.

#3 - Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Dry Dog Food


For those pet owners who want to try something quite different for their pets, we have the Dr. Harvey dog food. This type to dog food isn’t just the usual pour and serves type of food it is in grains. Just add the type of meat or extra food that you want your dog to have, and serve! This allows total control the quality and quantity over the protein given to your dog. With this, there are absolutely no dyes or chemicals bathing these grains of food.

Things we like

  • Grain style of serving
  • Controls your dog’s consumption
  • All-natural formula
  • In times of need, helps your dog when suffering through sickness

Things we don't like

  • If fed at an unnatural dose for your dog (especially when they are sick) they wouldn’t be able to handle the protein. So control the intake.

For the fourth gem to appear on this article, we have one with a rather different design on its packaging, the Diamond Pet Foods brand.

#4 - Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs


Just like other products from its brand, the diamond naturals contains the right amount of protein, fat and other essential nutrients that help your dog get a better system in their bodies! It even contains antioxidants and fibers in order for your dog’s immune system boost! With more time the effects will be clear on your dog’s frame

Things we like

  • Guaranteed levels of nutrients
  • Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics
  • Safe for your dog and void of any harmful substances
  • Real beef protein adds a taste for your dog’s enjoyment

Things we don't like

  • May require your dog to adjust to the food (nothing serious)
  • The pricing is inconsistent

Now over here we have the simple brand that is absolutely great for any kind of dog, the brand Pedigree.

#5 - PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food


This dog food comes from a simple and popular dog brand and assures good nutrition for your dog through their balanced nutrients. Not only is it healthy, it contains multiple flavors that your dog will surely come to love. It aids your dog in terms of digestion as well as help them keep a healthy lifestyle.

Things we like

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Delicious flavoring for your dog
  • Maintains healthy lifestyle
  • Alright for many dog breeds (depending on size)

Things we don't like

  • For small dogs, they might not be able to completely chew the big kibble bits.

The Best Dog Food for your Pit Bull to gain weight!

In my own personal opinion, all of the other dog foods that I have presented to you all have a great chance in satisfying your dog’s needs, however, the one that would make it out on top out of all of them would have to be Purina ONE SmartBlend.

So, what makes this dog food think that this would be the best out of all of them? For one, this contains a pure flavor with extra turkey bits that I’m sure that your dog would love, after all, dogs may not be as picky as other animals but they also need to enjoy their food.

Like the others, it contains many nutrients that would help your dog, but so does the Dr. Harvey brand, so why do I choose this over that? Well, for one, this one doesn’t put your dog in any risk of having a protein overdose especially if they are going under a sickness and controls your dog’s intake. To make up for the lack of amazing healing capabilities, this dog food assures your dog a healthy main and coat and a stabilized health system.


Was this review useful? Did it contain the right amount of information to inform you of how to choose the right dog food? Pit Bulls need a lot of things for them to become healthy just like any other dog, and it wouldn’t be good if they were even the least bit under weight, and so giving them this kind of care would be necessary.

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