Why Is My Pitbull So Small? The Truth Behind Pitbull Size


Pitbull is no longer a strange name to people in general and dogaholics in particular. Pitbulls are well known for their huge, solid, and muscular appearance. Many people even liken that this breed is the bodybuilder in the dog world. But every single thing on this planet always exists “exception”. Not all pit bull dogs are big and muscular. Some seem like they can never grow up and just maintain their tiny appearance. Therefore, many Pitty owners might be ripping their hair out and wondering: Why Is My Pitbull So Small? Homies, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because this article will reveal the truth behind pit bull size that you never knew before!

Average Size Of Pit Bulls – Full Grown Pit Bull

Pitbulls are high-energy and have muscular appearances because of their breeding history and physical natural traits. They’re the typical giant to large-sized breed that any dog must be wary of, even humans. However, not every single Pitty is super big and muscular. The average size of the pit bull will be different for each pit bull type. 

Did you know: pit bull is actually a general name used to refer to several dog breeds of the pit bull tree family? If you guys believe pit bull is just pit bull, you’re wrong. In fact, there are four main types of pit bull breeds: 

  • the American Pit bull Terrier
  • the American Staffordshire Terrier
  • the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • the American Bully

Therefore, each type of pit bull will have a separate average full-grown size. Do you want to know more about the average pitbull’s size, let’s check out this table for more information:

BreedAverage heightAverage weight
American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 21 in (43 to 53 cm)30 to 60 lbs (13 to 27 kg)
American Staffordshire Bull Terrier16.9 to 18 in (43 to 48 cm)50 to 80 lbs (23 to 36 kg)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier14 to 16 in (36 to 41 cm)24 to 37 lbs (11 to 17 kg)
American Bully13 to 20 in (33 to 50 cm)44 to 132 lbs (20 to 60 kg)

So if your Pitty is smaller than their “peers”, don’t worry too much. Because maybe your dog and other Pitbulls are not the same Pit bull breed. 

Pitbull Dog Breed Types: Differences, Appearances, and Characteristics

Pitbull Growing Chart By Age

At each stage, pit bull will gain the corresponding weight and height. Therefore, to judge whether your pit bull is shorter and lighter than other pit bulls or not, you must compare them on the same frame of reference in terms of weight, age, and gender. It’s ridiculous to conclude your pit bull is so small when compared to a fully grown pit bull. 

Let’s check out this table for more information about pit bull growing charts by age!

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 month old3 – 5 lbs2 – 4 lbs
2 months old5 – 15 lbs5 – 15 lbs
3 months old10 – 20 lbs10 – 20 lbs
4 months old15 – 25 lbs10 – 20 lbs
5 months old15 – 30 lbs15 – 25 lbs
6 months old20 – 35 lbs15 – 30 lbs
7 months old20 – 40 lbs15 – 35 lbs
8 months old25 – 45 lbs20 – 35 lbs
9 months old25 – 50 lbs20 – 40 lbs
10 months old25 – 50 lbs25 – 40 lbs
11 months old30 – 55 lbs25 – 45 lbs
1 year old30 – 55 lbs25 – 45 lbs
2 years old35 – 60 lbs30 – 50 lbs

Now that you guys are aware of the differences in pit bull size based on their age – gender – weight.

Why Is My Pitbull So Small – 5 Surprising Reasons

Even though your Pit is officially an “adult”, their appearance still looks like cutie puppies. Should have been like other pit bull dogs to own a large and solid appearance in adulthood, but your Pitty buddy is forever a “baby”. What happened?

Are you concerned about your Pitties growth rate? Or do you believe that your Pit is smaller than other dogs of the same age and gender? Do you have a lot of concerns about your lovely doggo’s size? Okay, this part is absolutely written for you, homies. But first of all, it is extremely important to understand that the growth rate of Pitty is generally determined by various factors, both inside and outside. So you can’t blame your dog’s tiny appearance for any certain reason.

There are 5 popular reasons to explain the question: Why Is My Pitbull So Small?


Whether your Pit Bull is a puppy or a senior dog, the proper feeding amount per meal is extremely essential. Whether your 4-legged buddy is 4 months old or four years old or even ten years old, failing in feeding the right amount of dog food for their size and their age will result in a Pit being smaller than their breed standard.

After all, hopefully, you’re doing it accidentally rather than intentionally. Therefore, if you don’t know how to feed your Pitty, let’s check this article out: How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull? Feed Your Pit Like A Pro!

The article above will provide you with a comprehensive guide to dog feeding: Feeding Chart By Age – Feeding Routine – Feeding Times For Pitbulls at all ages. 

But in general, dog owners need to remember that you can not just feed your dog whatever you want. Therefore, you guys can follow these instructions about pit bull dogs feeding frequency:

  • Pit pups require more frequent feedings. It is best to divide Pit pup’s meals into several small meals a few hours apart.
  • Adult Pit Bulls require to be fed in the morning, noon, and evening. 
  • Similar to adult Pit, dog owners just need to feed them three meals a day. However, for dogs that are given two meals each day, the best times are in the morning and evening.

I don’t mean anything bad but it’s considered cruel to underfeed your Pit in particular or any other animals in general. 

Unbalanced Diet

An unbalanced diet is one of the factors that directly affect Pit size. Even though your Pit is well-fed throughout the day, an unbalanced diet prevents your Pit from developing fully. Therefore, if your doggo is so small, consider their diet first! So, how to develop a well-balanced diet for dogs? 

You should also avoid giving your dog foods that are just for humans. These foods are potentially poisonous or hazardous to dogs. 

A well-balanced diet for dogs in general and pit bull in particular has to contain foods with high proteins, vegetables, fiber,  fats, omega 3, omega 6, vitamin E – A – D ingredients,… In addition, high-quality dog foods must be chosen based on the age, size, and activity level of the dog.

You don’t want your Pitty forever a small dog, you want your 4-legged friend to become muscular. Let’s read this article for more helpful information: Choose The Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls To Gain Weight Right here!

Incomplete Vaccinations And/Or Deworming 

Vaccinations and/or Deworming play a super important influence on Bulldog health. Dogs with health problems are often small and thin in appearance. Therefore, if your dog is too small and cannot grow even though they are well fed; check their Vaccinations and Deworming Schedule. Dog owners, please do not miss any of your Pit bull puppy or adult immunizations, as they require them for a healthy, long, and happy life. I’m so sorry but anti-vaccine thought is one of the most absurd things I have ever known in my life.

Your Pit bull Is Just Plain Small

Your Bulldog is so small may come from their genes. Yes, genes are one of the most intense factors in determining the appearance of Pitty. Pitbulls that are related by blood often share similar appearance traits and more. If your Pitty dog ​​parents are small in appearance, their children also tend to be small. 

Moreover, if your dog is Staffordshire Terriers, they tend to be smaller than other Pitty types. The Staffordshire Terriers dog is the smallest among Pitties. And the “winner” in Bulldog size belongs to American Bully. Look back at the Average Size Of Pit Bulls table above for more information. 

Your Pitbull Is Not A Pure Breed

If your pet is well taken care of and doesn’t have any health problems but still has a tiny appearance than other normal Pit; I think you should consider the Pitbull’s origin. Because some Pitbulls might be smaller if they’re a hybrid dog. Pit crossbred dogs are really famous and have become a hot “trend” recently. Therefore, the probability that your pit bull is a hybrid is also possible.

How to know if you have a Real American Pit bull Terrier?

Some most popular pit bull hybrids include:

  • Rottweiler Pit Bull Mix
  • Great Dane Pit Bull Mix
  • Pit Bull Poodle Mix
  • Pit Bull Beagle Mix
  • Border Collie Pit Bull Mix
  • Dachshund pit bull Mix

If you wanna learn more about Pitty hybrid dogs, let’s check out our website for interesting topics about cute 4-legged friends.

Read more: Is It A Good Choice To Adopt A Great Dane Pitbull Mix?

Why Is My Pitbull Head So Small?

This is a common concern that many pit bull owners have. Why is the Pitbull’s head so small compared to their body? Here are some common reasons:

  • Your Pit may have a different skull shape. Well, that’s true because not all pit bull types share the same physical traits. Did you know: Pitbulls come in a variety of skull shapes, from round to square? Sounds weird, right? Therefore, your Pitty’s head is too small as a result of their natural small skull shape trait.
  • It is possible that your pet is not a purebred dog but a crossbreed of different breeds with a smaller head than the typical pit bull.
  • Some dogs have a condition called “brachycephaly”, which means they have a shortened skull and a flat face. Just to be sure, take your pet to the vet for a check-up!
Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) – Animation

Will A Vegetarian Pit Bull Get A Big Appearance?

Yes. There is plenty of evidence to show that a vegetarian diet is completely super healthy and contributes to Pitbull’s muscular build. Vegetarian Pitbulls absolutely can get bigger and bigger if you feed them a well-balanced, nutritionally full diet that provides their caloric and protein requirements. However, Pitbulls are naturally omnivorous and require animal-derived nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals,… 

For those reasons, feeding Pitty with a plant-based diet does not affect the health of Bulldog but may not be the best way to help them get big and muscular. It’s awkward, isn’t it? Read on to know more about these opinions.

A vegan dog diet is always a hotly discussed topic nowadays. And of course, there will be supporters and opponents. Vegan dog diet supporters believe that dogs can thrive on a vegan diet as long as they get enough protein from plant sources such as soy, peas, lentils, and quinoa. They also emphasize that vegan dogs can benefit from improved digestion, skin health, allergy relief, and weight management. What amazing benefits for dogs with a vegetarian diet! However, not all experts agree on the safety and efficacy of a vegan diet for dogs, especially for large and active breeds like Pit doggo.

However, the final decision is up to you, buddy. Listen to Pitty’s needs and desires as well as your ability to create a suitable diet that works best for your Pit to get big.

When Do Pitbulls Stop Growing

Pitbulls stop growing and reach their full size at about 1-2 years old. However, some Pitbulls might take up to more than 24 months to reach their full size as dogs sometimes grow at different rates. Because every single dog is unique. Some dogs get big appearances from a very young stage, and some seem like they may be “babies” forever- so small and so cute. 

Pitbulls are large-sized dogs with plenty of muscle and will normally stop growing when they’re between 12 and 18 months old. According to the United Kennel Club Pit Bull Breed Standards:

  • An average male Pitties should ideally weigh between 35 and 60 pounds and stand at 18 to 21 inches when measured from the floor to the shoulders.
  • An average female Pitties would be slightly smaller, ideally weighing closer to 30 to 50 pounds and standing at 17 to 20 inches at the shoulders.

So buddy, you wonder why your Pit is so small, maybe they haven’t grown up yet.

Common Q&A For Why Is My Pitbull So Small

Which Is The Smallest Pit Dog In The World?

The smallest pit is a dog named Muddy. Muddy is a super super tiny dog (compared to typical Pit bull size) who was rescued by Muddy Paws Rescue in New York City. He is so small and cutie that his foster mom thought he was a Chihuahua at first LOL. He weighs only 8 pounds and stands 9 inches tall.

Is The Pocket Pit Bull The Smallest Of The Pit Bull Breeds?

Yasss, the Pocket Bulldog is one of the smallest of the pit bull breeds, but not the only one. It’s characterized as small in size, measuring 12 to 16 inches (30 to 41 cm) tall and weighing around 11 to 22 pounds (5 to 10 kg)

Physical Injuries Could Also Make A Dog Look Small?

Yes, that’s right. Dog experts insist that a damaged growth plate could affect Pitty’s size. Especially if your Pittie’s still a puppy. Therefore, pay more attention to your pet!

Is Pit Bull A Family Pet?

YES, absolutely. They have been great family pets for centuries. Forget their aggressive traits of the past, modern Pitbulls are high-energy, sociable, and loving dogs. 

How big should a Pitbull be at 1 year old?

Typically, males tend to have greater height compared to females. Male individuals usually fall within the higher range of this measurement, often spanning between 18 and 21 inches. On the other hand, females generally exhibit heights ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Is a 2 year old Pitbull still a puppy?

At the age of 2 years, a Pitbull would typically be considered an adult dog rather than a puppy. Dogs generally transition from puppyhood to adulthood between 1 to 2 years of age, depending on their breed and size.

Hope this article provides satisfactory answers for you on the question: why is my pitbull so small? You can use this article as a reference, and vets will provide you with professional advice and help. Stay tuned for more amazing topics about dogs – a wonderful indispensable part of our lives.


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