Why Are Pitbulls So Aggressive? The Truth Behind Their Notoriety


It is not uncommon to hear someone was bitten by a dog, unfortunately, Pitbulls have a reputation for engaging in more attacks than other breeds. Pitbulls are super notorious and they are like “real villains” in real life. Why Are Pitbulls So Aggressive? And do they deserve the dog breed that has had such a bad reputation over the centuries? Okay, let’s find out the truth behind Pitbulls’ notoriety!

Are Pitbulls Aggressive By Nature?

Pitbulls And Bad Reputation

There are various breeds of pitbulls, but the two primary breeds are the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bully. These dogs were originally bred for blood sports and bull-baiting. Therefore, people cannot deny Pitbull’s notoriety and their bloody past. But to this day, they are still unjustly labeled as vicious. It is possible to say that Pitties are one of the most misunderstood breeds, often associated with being ferocious and aggressive despite not deserving this negative reputation. Poor this cutie dog breed, many people still hold negative opinions of these doggos. Judging them based on their past as fighting dogs is unjust.

Are pit bulls the most aggressive dog breed? Our team verifies

Modern Pitbulls No Longer Have Unprovoked Aggressive Behavior

Nowadays, modern Pitties no longer have natural aggressive traits and become one of the dearest 4 legged friends of humans. They are highly sociable and loving animals. I have personally known many Pitbulls that have been amazing family pets. We should always keep in mind that a dog’s behavior is primarily influenced by their upbringing and training. With adequate socialization and affection, any dog can become an excellent and devoted companion.

My Pitbull Puppy Is Out Of Control

According to the research and statistics that we have collected, Puppy Pitbulls, particularly puppies aged 3 to 12 months, are super hyper or even out of control. At this age, they will tend to express their natural aggressive traits. For this reason, pitbulls being out of control at a young age is understandable. Pit pups are still quite young to receive instructions and training from their owner. Therefore, they tend to express their original temperament – stubborn and hyper. They will have a lot of pent-up energy, so it is critical for these little buddies to release their energy in a positive way via exercise or playtime with dog owners and other animals. Just remember, exercise is really important for dogs of all ages to help keep your doggo from becoming aggressive.

Why Do Pitbulls Attack

Dogaholics, do you know that the Pitbull breed is one of the names associated with a bad reputation for catastrophic attacks? This is because they are large and massive muscular dogs that have the potential to cause significant damage or even fatalities if they bite other tiny animals or even people. Sounds super scary, right? As a result, victims of Pit doggo attacks are more likely to require medical attention and report the incident. So here is the question: Why do Pitbulls Attack? Just because they want to?

There are so many many reasons why Pitbull attacks can happen. But one of the most common causes is due to poor or improper training by the Pitty’s owner. Yeah, that’s right! The main reason is due to human impact. Some owners may even educate their pets to be aggressive, which may be a terrible disaster. You know, When you fail to properly train or socialize your pet at a young age, the animal may attack and bite without any provocation.

Why Do Pitbulls Attack Their Owners

Hmmm, I am so sorry but there is no simple explanation for why Pitty attacks their owner. As mentioned above, there are so many factors that may lead to Pitty’s bad behavior. However, some possible reasons for the answers to this tough question are:

  • The worst case is Pitbulls may have been abused, neglected, or trained to be aggressive by irresponsible owners who wanted them to fight or protect in a negative way.
  • Pitbull may have poor social socialization ability, not being properly trained from an early age. Plus, inadequate supervision is one of the common causes that can lead to fear, anxiety, or territoriality at Pitties. For these reasons, your pet is completely capable of attacking you even if you are their owner.
  • Pitbulls may have genetic or health issues that have bad impacts on their temperament, such as thyroid disorders, neurological problems, or allergies…
  • Or your Pit is just more aggressive than other Pitbull doggos. Each dog has their own unique personality. If your pet is too hot-tempered, proper dog training is extremely necessary ASAP to prevent your dog from attacking you.
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Signs Of Aggression In Pitbulls

Remember, training a well-behaved Pitty starts with you, so give your doggo the time and respect they deserve. Therefore, you – the dog owner need to understand clearly some common signs of aggression in Pitbulls for a better training process.

  • Teeth-showing is a big hint of aggressiveness in Pitty doggo. This behavior indicates that they are in an aggressive state of mind and super dangerous for anyone approaching Pit at this time.
  • Outside of roughhousing, growling is a big warning sign that a dog is unhappy with the current situation. When your pet growls, you have better be cautious because they may bite if provoked or even unprovoked.
  • Staring or eye contact: In dogs, this is an interesting sign of dominance or a challenge. Do not underestimate or ignore this hint, Pit owners. A Pitty that looks at another doggo or a human may be attempting to express its dominance or testing the reaction of the other. If the staring does not end, a fight may begin.

The Truth About Pit Bulls’ Temperament

Due to the bad reputation in the past, Pitbull is wrongly viewed as a dangerous breed. However, depending on how it is nurtured, socialized with, and trained, Pitty can also be super kind and compassionate. Poor Pitbulls, people still think poorly of them just because of their historical natural tendencies. However, they may also make daring companions when given the right care and guidance. They can also be the most devoted friends you could ever want! Every dog, including pit bulls, deserves to be treated with love and respect.

Once again, Pitty – like any other dog breed, is a result of their living and training environment and upbringing. So there is no such thing as “true temperament”. With the proper care, training, and socialization, Pitties absolutely can make wonderful pets and loyal companions. And, hey guys, this is a friendly reminder that every dog is unique. You are unique and so are dogs. Therefore, each doggo deserves to be treated as an individual, not based on their breed history, appearance, coat color, or reputation. With lots of love and respect, any 4 legged friends can be a devoted, affectionate, and brave companion for life.

How To Train A Pitbull To Not Be Aggressive

Is It Possible To Train A Pitbull To Not Be Aggressive?

The answer is absolutely YES. Dogs are like humans, they have emotions. There will be times when your Pit is happy and upbeat, but there will also be others when they are irritable and upset. Therefore, Pitty owners also need to know how to train your 4 legged friends to not be aggressive. You don’t need to worry because there are plenty of simple and effective tips that dog owners can easily follow and be 100% successful.

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Pitbull Aggressive Training

  • Providing them with daily and varied physical exercise, such as walks, runs, hikes,… at the playground, park, hiking trails, or any open space that can be the ideal place for Pitty to play and exercise with dog owners.
  • Enrolling them in activities or pet courses is never pointless. These things can boost Pitties’ mental development and living skills. Some pet activities or courses that dog owners might consider are: agility training, obedience training, nose training, or pitching… to stimulate their minds and keep them obeyed and occupied.
  • Proper socializing is very important for dogs in every situation. Socialize them with other dogs, animals, and people from an early age to prevent aggression or fearfulness that can lead to uncontrollable loss of temper.
  • Teaching them basic commands and manners, such as sit, stay, turn around, jump, high five, and especially calm.
  • Do you know that rewards and praise are super important when training a dog to not be aggressive? Reward them with praise, food, toys, or playtime with you when they display calm behavior or obey your commands. 
  • Ignoring them or redirecting them when they display aggressive or hyper behavior. Don’t let your pampering spoil Pitty!
  • Let your dog get enough sleep in a comfortable and quiet place where they totally relax and chill out.
  • Avoiding separation anxiety in dogs. Do not let your Pit be alone for a long time. Pitties really need your love and care!
  • Considering spaying or neutering them to reduce hormonal influences on their behavior.

Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Male Dogs?

Well, actually there is no definitive answer to the question: Is a female pitbull more aggressive than a male? As mentioned before, aggression is not 100% dependent on the dog’s gender or even age. It may depend on various factors such as the individual dog’s temperament, training, socialization, health, living environment, etc. In reality, however, there are actually some general differences between male and female Pitbulls that really affect their temperament.

Male Pitbull dogs tend to express themselves as “solid soldiers”. They may also be more hyper and aggressive during their puppy years and harder to train when young. These doggos may also be more aggressive during feeding. People often label them as typical aggressive dogs. Therefore, male Pitbulls are more aggressive in some situations.

On the other hand, female Pitties tend to have lower energy levels with “gentle” behaviors. Compared to male Pitty of the same age, these “girls” may also be less aggressive during their puppy years and easier to train when young. They may be less frenetic during feeding or training and more suspicious of strangers. For those reasons, female Pittes are easier to accept aggressive training in some situations.

However, this is just general information. Every single dog is unique! So let’s accept the exceptions and variations among individual dogs!

Do Pitbulls Get Aggressive With Age

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds, often associated with being ferocious and aggressive despite not deserving this negative reputation. Poor for this super cutie and big-hearted doggo breed!

However, Pitbulls do not get more aggressive when they get older, although they may go through hormonal changes during the growth stage that absolutely affect their temperament and behavior later in life. If Pitbulls are well-trained to control their behavior and emotions from an early age, that’s so great! They will maintain and develop those traits as they grow older and older. 

But there is one interesting thing that dog owners need to understand. Pitbulls attain sexual maturity at about six months of age. At this stage, they can be considered “real” adults. Like humans, Pitties also have rebellious times when they grow. This does not imply that they are hostile or in negative rebellion; rather, it indicates that they require adequate training and discipline from their owners. That’s all! Therefore, training and caring for dogs is always essential in all situations.

Do Pit Bulls Attack More Than Other Breeds?

Pitbulls – The Most Deadly Dog Breed?

According to https://pitbulls.org/, from 2000 to April 2023, there were 718 attacks by chained dogs, where 231 were by Pitbulls, accounting for nearly 1/3% of the total. Pitties are portrayed as the most deadly dog breed. Well, this data will make Pitbull lovers really unhappy. While the numbers cannot be disputed, there are several reasons why the Pit doggo incidents are highly disproportionate. 

VERIFY: Are pit bulls the most dangerous breed of dog?

Pitbull Is Vindicated And The Truth Behind The Numbers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States discontinued collecting data on dog breeds in 1998. As a result, any statistics you read concerning Pitbulls and assaults are based on data that is more than 20 years old or was collected by non-government organizations. The 20-year data is much older than the average lifespan of a Pitty.

Another consideration is that Pit Bulls are frequently misidentified. According to one survey, just 30% of canines labeled as Pit Bulls were indeed purebred Pit Bulls. The others were a mix of various breeds. This is a real fact as Pit Bulls are frequently misidentified. All of this makes it very difficult to prove definitively whether or not Pitbulls are more dangerous or more combative than other doggo breeds. 

Can I Fight A Pitbull And Win?

Yes, you can if you are a fit adult. But the first step is to conquer your reflexive dread. In a battle, a doggo has two advantages: quickness and biting force. Humans, on the other hand, have advantages such as intelligence, height, and manipulating appendages such as arms, hands with fingers, and thumbs.

Did you know a fit human adult who doesn’t panic out when assaulted can break a Pitbull’s neck/crush its throat? It’ll hurt like hell, but you’ll probably be able to kill it. Pitters are neither very huge or heavy creatures, nor are they particularly good jumpers.

Even a massive pit bull is unlikely to weigh as much as you. Your strength is probably sufficient to handle a dog. They only have one type of attack: the bite. But you can use your wisdom to fight.

Common Q&A For Why Are Pitbulls So Aggressive

Are Pitbulls Genetically Aggressive?

Hmm, the answer to this question depends on your point of view. Many people believe that some typical or inherited temperamental traits are passed down through generations. But others say the aggression of Pitbull may simply be that of perception, and each individual differs. This perspective emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual.

Why Are Pitbulls Considered Aggressive?

Because of their bad reputation in the past. These dogs were originally bred for blood sports and bull-baiting. They are also known by the name: bloody monsters.

Why Are Pitbulls So Aggressive Towards Humans?

This is a big misunderstanding about Pitbull. Modern Pitbulls are no longer so aggressive towards humans. They were actually specifically developed to be loyal and protective companions to humans.

Are Pit Bulls Friendly?

Yes, they are. Nowadays, Pitties become one of the beloved 4 legged friends of humans. They are very sociable and loving animals and are the perfect choice for a family pet.

Are Pitbulls Alpha Dogs?

An alpha dog – one will always be trying to assert their dominance over the others. That’s right, Pitbull is inherently an alpha dog. But just like any other doggo breed, Pittes still require an owner who will love, train, and care for them.

Which Pitbull Is The Friendliest?

The friendliest Pitbull reward goes to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This kind of Pitbull is considered the friendliest pitbull breed. They are really gentle, soft, and super patient with children.

Are Pit Bulls Good With Kids? 

Oh yeah, why not? Pitbull is also known as a reliable “nanny dog”. They are so affectionate, and loyal and have big hearts so they are very safe with children.

While many other breeds may have a gentler temperament, it cannot be denied that Pitbull is still a wonderful pet with incredible power. Hopefully, this article provides comprehensive information and helps you answer the question of why are pitbulls so aggressive. Stay tuned for more interesting topics about dogs – a wonderful indispensable part of our lives.


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