When Do Pitbulls Calm Down? Simple Ways To Chill Out Your Pittie


You guys can’t believe how energetic Pitbull is. Every single Pittie owner admits that “lay back all day” is a phrase that never existed in the Pitbull dictionary. Your Pitbulls are super hyperactive, they love people and enjoy playing all day without being tired, but you – the Pit owner does. Being active is a good thing, but being too hyper sometimes causes a lot of trouble and annoyance for dog owners. You might be ripping their hair out and wondering: When Do Pitbulls Calm Down? This article will reveal some simple and effective ways to help your dog chill out that nobody wanna tell you before.

Why Are Pitbulls High Energy And Super Hyper?

If you wondering about why is my Pitbull so hyper, you are the right place, do you know?


Pitbulls are high-energy and super hyper because of their breeding history and physical natural traits. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness overload appearance of the modern Pitbull, this dog breed has a history and reputation for being extremely “fierce”. Pitties were originally bred for blood sports and bull-baiting. Ancestors of this breed tended to be so aggressive and usually provoked other animals that were significantly larger than themselves for a variety of reasons; which led to them being unfairly labeled as vicious. These traits from their historical origins have formed the modern Pitbull breed with mischievous, active, and even hyper characteristics. 

Moreover, Pitbulls have a super fast metabolism natural trait, which means they burn calories more quickly than other dog breeds with the same weight and age. For this reason, Pitty tends to eat a lot and has high exercise requirements. This is one of the causes that the Pitbull breeds have high energy and hyper. So, when do pitbulls calm down?

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What Age Do Pitbulls Calm Down

So, one big question here: When Do Pitbulls Calm Down?

Well, what a tough question! To be honest, I can’t give you an absolutely accurate answer. Because you know, every single creature, every single dog is different. Some Pitty seems so quiet and calm down at a young age, others may seem like they will never calm down and can not stay still. However, Pit owners don’t need to worry. There are dozens of tips and tricks to deal with super-hyper Pitties. 

At What Age Are Pitbulls Most Hyper? My Pitbull Puppy Is Out Of Control


According to the research and statistics that we have collected, Puppy Pitbulls, particularly puppies aged 3 to 12 months, are super hyper or even out of control. At this age, the Pitbull is still quite young to receive instructions and training from their owner. Therefore, they tend to express their original temperament – stubborn and hyper. 

They will have a lot of pent-up energy, so it is critical for these little buddies to release their energy in a positive way via exercise or playtime with dog owners and other animals. Just remember, exercise is really important for dogs of all ages to help your doggo chills out soon.

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When Do Pitbull Puppies Calm Down?

As mentioned above, pitbull puppies are the most easily hyperactive subjects – especially puppies aged 3 to 12 months. 

Pitbulls tend to be calmer when they reach about 12 to 18 months of age. But when Pitty is over 12 months old, he or she is not a puppy anymore. Pitbulls are more likely to act hyper with super energy power as puppies because they don’t know and haven’t been taught how to control their energy. They can not positively release their emotion and energy. 

But dog owners don’t need to worry about this circumstance. By the time Pit doggo reach adulthood, they will be able to understand the training of humans to control their behavior and energy. Pitbulls are one of the most intelligent dog breeds that can learn quickly and tend to please their owners by all means. Therefore, dog owners also need to remember that: If your Pit is this age, it is really important to provide your dog with plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to keep them chilled out and stay healthy.

Do Pitbulls Calmer With Age? Pitbull energy level

Yes, that is one of the common characteristics of adult and senior Pitbulls. Many Pitbulls seem to become calmer when they get older. 

  • 12 to 24 months

This is when most Pitbull owners will notice a turning point in both the physical and mental development of Pitbull. Pitbull’s temperament is one of the most obvious changes. At this stage, your Pitty will calm down considerably. No longer a hyper girl/ boy, Pitty is less aggressive, less barking, and becomes more “adult”.

  • 24 months+

This is the stage where dogs’ mental development matches their physical development, indicating that they have officially reached the “adult “stage.

Their temperaments are fully developed and stable. Therefore, if your Pitbulls have been already taught how to be calm at a young age, they will keep their calm temperament for a long time. 

  •  6 years+

This is the stage at which a Pitbull can be considered as being a senior dog. When they get to this age, Pitbull doggo will be a lot more inclined to relax and be quiet. They no longer keep running around all day. Therefore, proper exercises are still really necessary.

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How To Train Pitbull To Be Calm


After learning about the answer to the problem: When do Pitbulls calm down, dog owners also need to know how to calm a hyper pitbull. There are some simple and effective ways to chill out your Pittie that dog owners can easily follow:

  • Providing them with daily and varied physical exercise, such as walks, runs, hikes,… at the playground, park, hiking trails, or any open space that can be the ideal place for Pitty to play and exercise with dog owners.
  • Enrolling them in activities or pet courses is never pointless. These things can boost Pitties’ mental development and living skills. Some pet activities or courses that dog owners might consider are: agility training, obedience training, nose training, or pitching… to stimulate their minds and keep them obeyed and occupied.
  • Proper socializing is very important for dogs in every situation. Socialize them with other dogs, animals, and people from an early age to prevent aggression or fearfulness that can lead to uncontrollable loss of temper.
  • Teaching them basic commands and manners, such as sit, stay, turn around, jump, high five, and especially calm.
  • Do you know, rewards and praise are super important when training a dog to calm down? Reward them with praise, food, toys, or playtime with you when they display calm behavior or obey your commands. 
  • Ignoring them or redirecting them when they display hyper behavior. Don’t let your pampering spoil Pitty!
  • Let your dog get enough sleep in a comfortable and quiet place where they totally relax and chill out.
  • Avoiding separation anxiety in dogs. Do not let your Pit be alone for a long time. Pitties really need your love and care!
  • Considering spaying or neutering them to reduce hormonal influences on their behavior.
How to calm down a HIGH ENERGY Pit bull

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Is Calm Pitbull Training Really Necessary? Or Just Let Pitties Be Themselves?


Training your pit bull to be calm is not really challenging. It is not a mission impossible, what are you hesitating for? 

Not just for your dog, training a Pitbull to calm down is also important for yourself. We all know, Pit bulls are smart, loyal, energetic, hyper dogs who like playing and pleasing their owners. But good things take time. Without any proper training and socializing, our 4-legged friends might become restless, agitated, bored, or even violent. Your Pitties might express some undesirable behaviors like leaping, barking, biting, or fighting with other dogs. These actions can cause you and your dog difficulties, such as injury, litigation, or even death. Be alert and remember that the old Pitbull breed has a history and reputation for being extremely “fierce”. No one wants those awful results to happen to their life and pet dogs. Therefore, training a pitbull to calm down is really necessary in every single circumstance.

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Do Pitbulls Calm Down When Neutered?

Yes. Neutering has a relationship with dogs’ temperament. If the hyper behavior is connected to sexual desire and is done before puberty, neutering may calm a Pitbull down. However, if they are neutered at a mature age, their hyper tendencies may be more difficult to break. Neutering is the surgical removal of your male dog’s testicles, rendering him sterile. Neutering Pitbulls calms them down by preventing testosterone production, which affects sex desire, sentiments of marking territory, and feelings of fear. It also removes their need to assert authority to attract a partner. Pitbull neutering can also lessen aggressiveness, risk-taking, and stubbornness.

However, neutering is not the only method to help Pitties or any other dog calm down. Castrate your dog when your dog qualifies for neutering and after consulting with your veterinarian. We can not deny that neutering can actually help with some aspects of calmer behavior in dogs, but it’s no substitute for proper training, socialization, loving, and caring from dog owners.

A Female Pitbull Is Harder To Calm Down Than A Male?


Well, actually there is no definitive answer to the question: Is a female pitbull harder to calm down than a male? As mentioned before, calmness or hyper is not 100% dependent on the dog’s gender or even age. As it may depend on various factors such as the individual dog’s temperament, training, socialization, health, living environment, etc. In reality, however, there are actually some general differences between male and female Pitbulls that really affect their composure.

Male Pitbull dogs tend to express themselves as “active boys”, even hyper, like being close to humans, especially with children. They may also be more hyper during their puppy years and harder to train when young. These “boys” may also be easier to aggressive during feeding. They can be seen as typical “stubborn” boys. Therefore, male Pitbulls are more difficult to calm down in some situations.

On the other hand, female Pitties tend to have lower energy levels with “gentle” behaviors. compared to male Pitty of the same age, our “girls” may also be less hyper during their puppy years and easier to train when young. They may be less aggressive during feeding or training and more suspicious of strangers. For those reasons, female Pittes are easier to calm down in some situations.

However, this is just general information. Every single dog is unique! So let’s accept the exceptions and variations among individual dogs!

Do Pitbulls Get Aggressive With Age

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds, often associated with being ferocious and aggressive despite not deserving this negative reputation. We can say Pitties are the “victims” of the media LOL!

However, Pitbulls do not get more aggressive when they get older, although they may go through hormonal changes during the growth stage that absolutely affect their temperament and behavior later in life. If Pitbulls are well-training to control their behavior and emotions from an early age, that’s so great! They will maintain and develop those traits as they grow older and older. 

But there is one interesting thing that dog owners need to understand. Pitbulls attain sexual maturity at about six months of age. At this stage, they can be considered “real” adults. Like humans, Pitties also have rebellious times when they grow. This does not imply that they are hostile or in negative rebellion; rather, it indicates that they require adequate training and discipline from their owners. That’s all! Therefore, training and caring for dogs is always essential in all situations.

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Common Q&A For When Do Pitbulls Calm Down

Are Pitbulls High Energy Dogs?

Yes. Pitties are absolutely high-energy, even hyper dogs. They love to run around all day and rarely sit still. These dogs need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them chill out and stay healthy.

When Do Pit Bulls Stop Growing?

You know, there is no standard size for full-grown pit bulls. But normally, after they reach one year old, Pittes grow slowly until they are 2 to 3 years of age. The majority of fast and noticeable growth takes place during the first year.

Is There Any Way To Make Pitbull Stop Being Hyper Immediately?

No. It takes a certain period to train a dog to obey your command and become calm. Good things take time! 

Is It Bad To Neuter A Pitbull To Reduce Hyper Behavior?

No. Do you know: Neutering even can have many benefits for your Pitbull’s health and behavior? Neutering a Pitbull is never a bad thing for your 4-legged buddies, but it may not be the best solution to reduce hyper behavior in dogs.

While many other breeds may have a gentler temperament, it cannot be denied that Pitbull is still a wonderful pet with incredible power. Hopefully, this article provides simple ways to calm your Pitbull and clears you of the question: When do Pitbulls calm down? Stay tuned for more interesting topics about dogs – a wonderful indispensable part of our lives.


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