How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull? Feed Your Pit Like A Pro!


Owning a little cutie pup is one of the most wonderful things in the world. But if you know how to feed them properly, it will be much better. Do you have trouble with Pitbull nutrition? You don’t know how much to feed your pitbull? Don’t worry because you find the right place. Because this article will provide a comprehensive guide to the question: How much should I feed my pitbull?

Overview Of Pitbull Feeding Chart – How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull?

Depending on your Pitbull’s age, the table below provides a complete guide on how to feed a Pitbull for you to follow and refer to.

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Kilocalories (Per day)ProteinFats
2 – 3 months0.5 – 0.75140 – 28022.5%8.0%
3 – 5 months0.75 – 1.25360 – 61022.5%8.0%
6 – 9 months0.67 – 1.33440 – 88022.5%8.0%
10 – 12 months1.25 – 1.5540 – 94022.5%8.0%
1 – 6 years2.5 – 3.67610 – 117425.0%5.0%
7 years and more2.5 – 2.67610 – 88018.0%>5%

This table is referenced and compiled from many sources, not professional advice! But you also have to consult the vet or the dog expert for more specialized information. 

How Much To Feed A Pitbull Puppy From 2 To 12 Months?

As a pit puppy owner, it is necessary to understand how much you should feed your Pitbull at various periods of development. Hey dog owners, love is the most specious thing but not enough. You need to have enough skills and experience to take care of Pit puppies properly. Therefore, if you have a Pitbull puppy from 2 to 12 months, consider the information below buddy!

What it looks like feeding my Pitbull Puppy
  • Pitbull pups require food that has at least 22.5% high-quality protein and a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus to promote their growth and development. However, newborn Pittie doesn’t need to eat much. Quality over quantity!

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Like humans, Pittie puppies have to be on their mother’s milk, especially for the very first six weeks of their life. If the mother cannot nurse them or something like that, Pittie pup owners need to use a puppy formula to feed them. But remember, nothing is better than mother’s milk.

Pitbull pups can begin switching to solid food at four to six weeks of age by combining softened kibble with milk or water.
In addition, Pitbull pups should be fed four times per day until they are four months old, then three times per day until they are six months old, then two or three times per day until adulthood.
Ideally, Pitbull pups have fed high-quality dog food that is particularly prepared for big breed puppies, or a comprehensive and balanced homemade or raw diet.

With the helpful information above, “How Much To Feed A Pitbull Puppy” is not a big deal with dog owners anymore.

Pitbull Puppy Feeding Chart By Age From 2 To 12 Months

The table below will show you the numerical information about: Daily Food Quantity (Cups), Kilocalories (Per day), Protein, and Fats needed for Pitbull Puppies from 2 to 12 months.

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Kilocalories (Per day)ProteinFats
2 – 3 months0.5 – 0.75140 – 28022.5%8.0%
3 – 5 months0.75 – 1.25360 – 61022.5%8.0%
6 – 9 months0.67 – 1.33440 – 88022.5%8.0%
10 – 12 months1.25 – 1.5540 – 94022.5%8.0%

What About Adult Dog – How Much Should A Pitbull Eat Per Day

Adult Pitbull Feeding Chart From 1 To 6 Years

As a dog breed full of energy, Pitbull really needs a proper diet to maintain their endurance all day long. As a result, they will not stay still and keep playing all day. Pitbull breeds are expected to achieve full-grown size around 12 to 18 months. At this age, your doggo may be super hyper. So it’s critical that they get the correct quantity of calories, animal protein, and fats. But hey dog owners, you also have to keep in mind that protein is an essential nutrient for dogs. But too much protein is a very different story. Over-protein can lead to obesity and kidney damage.

Adult Pitbulls should be fed based on their weight and amount of exercise. The table below illustrates how much to feed an adult Pitbull depending on their weight.

WeightCups per day
30 lbs1.5
40 lbs2
50 lbs2.5
60 lbs3
70 lbs3.5
80 lbs4

Senior/ Elder Pitbull Feeding Chart From 7 Years And More

Senior/ Elder Pitbull need to have a separate diet. Because senior Pitbulls may also suffer from health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, renal difficulties, or dental disorders, which can impair their eating and digestion. They may require diets low in salt, phosphorus, or fat, yet high in fiber or antioxidants.

  • Like adult dogs, elder Pitbulls should be fed high-quality dog food that is particularly prepared for senior dogs. You can consider foods that are rich in meat, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Various brands of dog foods contain high Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E ingredients,… are currently available on the market. 
  • A senior/ elder Pitbull’s diet should include 18% to 25% protein, 5% to 8% fat, carbohydrate, and fiber. So, as mentioned before, Pitbulls are muscular canines that require protein to keep their muscle mass and strength.

On the other hand, elder Pitbulls should have constant availability of freshwater, especially after physical activity or in hot weather. Water keeps them hydrated, regulates their body temperature, and flushes pollutants from their bodies. Owners should avoid offering their pets milk, coffee, tea, bubble tea, alcohol, or other liquids that might dehydrate or poison them. Human foods are not suitable for these buddies. 

The following table may give you an example of a Senior/ Elder Pitbull Feeding Chart by weight: 

WeightCups per day
30 lbs1
40 lbs1.5
50 lbs2
60 lbs2.5
70 lbs3
80 lbs3.5

Pitbull Feeding Routine: How Many Times A Day Should A Pitbull Eat?

Your puppy Pitties will say thank you to you (if they can speak human language lol) if you feed them smaller meals per day rather than a big meal. But hey hey Pitbull owners, you can not just feed your dog whatever you want. I know some people that have ridiculous dog-feeding habits. When they are happy, they feed the dogs a lot. When they are sad, they feed the dog little or no food at all. Poor their dogs! Therefore, being aware of how frequently and how much you should feed your dog is really essential.

Young puppies may be fed more frequently with smaller meals than adult dogs due to their fast metabolism. Pitbulls have a voracious appetite. A consistent feeding schedule can help prevent overfeeding and keep your Pitbull in a healthy condition. On the other hand, a science Pitbull Feeding Routine with proper frequency is not only necessary for growing puppies, but this will also help to keep the blood sugar of adult and elder dogs at normal levels.

Feeding Times For Pitbulls: What Are The Best Feeding Times For Pitbulls?

Dogs also need to eat at the right times of the day. And I believe you already understand that in addition to the amount and frequency of feeding your Pitbull, when to feed your dog is critical.

How Many Times a Day Should DOGS EAT?

Feeding Times For Pitbull Puppies

As a developing pup, your Pittie requires a consistent feeding schedule time every day. I know that somebody gonna say it is really over-acting to take care of a dog like that. But this is just advice and you can accept or decline depending on your needs and point of view.

Because Pitbull pups require more frequent feedings. It is best to divide Pit pup’s meals into several small meals a few hours apart. For example, each small meal will be spaced about 2 hours apart: Breakfast at 8 AM – Snack at 10 AM – Lunch at 12 AM – Snack at 3 PM – Dinner at 5 PM – Night snack at 7 PM. Hey Pitty Pups owners, do not feed your Pit late at night as they may suffer from indigestion.

Feeding Times For Adult Pitbull

Adult Pit Bulls require to be fed in the morning, noon, and evening. Essentially, if you are a good dog owner, you are responsible for providing them with a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal. It is critical to follow your feeding routine consistently because your Pitbull tends to gain weight at this age. You never want your buddy to become overweight, right? So you may avoid obesity and other weight-related problems by feeding your Pit properly.

Feeding Times For Senior/ Elder Pitbull

Elder Pitties do not need to have many small meals per day like puppies. Similar to adult Pit, dog owners just need to feed them three meals a day. However, for dogs that are given two meals each day, the best times are in the morning and evening. The general guideline is to feed them twice a day, with 12 hours of spacing between meals. 

Treats or snacks may also be given rarely because too much food at the wrong time-feeding can cause your Pitbull to become overweight. They should only be given toys or snacks during training as rewards. 

Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls – Answers To The Topic “How Much Food Should I Feed My Pitbull”

Nowadays, there are a large number of commercial dog food brands. Depending on your Pit’s lifestyle and eating habits, dog owners can choose dry food, wet dog food, BARF diet, or Home-Cooked Diet.

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Dry Dog Foods

The biggest difference between dry and wet foods for Pitbulls is the water content. Dry foods have a moisture content of 3 to 12%. With lazy oh I mean dog owners who don’t have time, dry food dogs may be their 1st choice. Because dry foods are easier to store and feed because they do not require refrigeration and may be kept out for extended periods.

One more good news is by scraping off plaque and tartar, dry foods also help keep your pitbull’s teeth and gums healthy. Applause for dry dog foods. However, bad news still exists. The bad news is dry foods contain more carbs than wet foods, which can contribute to obesity and diabetes in some dogs. Dry meals need your pitbull to drink extra water to be hydrated.

You can check out some of the most popular and recommended dry dog food brands are:

  • Annamaet Ultra 32% Dry Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Grain-Free Dry Food
  • Purina ONE Smart Blend
  • FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Large Breed Formula
  • Crave with Protein from Salmon & Ocean Fish Adult Grain-Free Dry Food

And many many other dog food brands. Eliminating your concern about the problem: “How much food should I feed my pitbull” can not be easier with dry dog foods.

Wet Dog Foods

Pretty much the opposite of dry foods, wet foods have a moisture percentage of 60 to 84%. Basically, our 4 legs buddies express their love for wet foods rather than dry foods. Wet foods are more enticing to dogs because they have a richer fragrance and flavor, as well as a softer texture. And they also provide your pitbull with extra moisture, which may help avoid dehydration and urinary tract infections. On the other hand, wet foods are more expensive and less convenient than dry meals since they must be refrigerated and have a shorter shelf life. But, wet meals are also less beneficial to your pitbull’s dental health because they do not clean their teeth as well as dry foods.

You can check out some of the most popular and recommended wet dog food brands are:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey & Chicken Grill Grain-Free Canned Dog Food
  • Natural Balance Ultra Canned Dog Food
  • Wellness Venison & Salmon Stew Canned Dog Food
  • Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free 96% Real Chicken Canned Food
  • Wellness Just for Puppy Canned Food, and more. 


Biologically-Approved Raw Food Diet, also known as the BARF Diet, is a type of raw diet that consists of raw meat and bones along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Did you know the BARF Diet is one of the most beneficial diets for humans? Raw eating avoids the negative impacts of processed meals’ harmful elements. In this case, knowing the proper food ratio to offer is critical so that your Pitbull puppy gets the right amount of nutrients while avoiding hazardous germs.

A BARF diet for pitbulls should include the following foods:

  • Raw meaty bones: chicken necks, backs, wings, turkey necks, lamb necks, pork necks,…
  • Muscle meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, fish,…
  • Organ meat, such as liver, kidney, heart, gizzard, spleen, pancreas, and brain.
  • Eggs, which are a complete source of protein and contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Vegetables and fruits, such as leafy greens, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, bananas, berries, and melons.

With these instructions, I believe that the concern about “How much food should I feed my pitbull?” is no longer a big deal. 

How I Feed My Dog a Raw Food Diet | Way easier and cheaper than you think!

Home-Cooked Diet

Home-cooked meals, why not? Yes, your Pitbull’s diet can also consist of home-cooked meals. If you love to cook, have some free time, and want to save a little bit of money on dog food, home-cooked meals are the best choice for you. Like a raw diet, this method gives you greater control over what your dog eats. Be aware of getting meat, vegetables, and other items from reliable vendors.

The video below reveals a healthy Home-Cooked Diet recipe that you may try:

Feeding a Pit Bull Terrier real healthy Food

In this case, dog owners need to remember: the BARF Diet and Home-Cooked Diet are methods that need to follow the proper recipes and ingredients to protect your Pitties from being over or undernourished.

What Foods Should I Avoid Feeding Your Pitbull – Information You Cannot Ignore

Dogs can not eat all human foods. There are some foods that you avoid feeding your Pitties, as they can be harmful or even toxic to them. Stop the thought that dogs can eat everything. Some of these foods are:

  • Chocolate: Yeah, Chocolate is the favorite food of humans. However, even tiny amounts of chocolate can lead Pitties to become sick, and large amounts can result in significant complications like irregular heartbeat, tremors, seizures, and even death.
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, and chives: These foods can damage your pitbull’s red blood cells if eaten in large quantities; can lead to anemia, weakness, and breathing difficulties in Pitbulls.
  • Avocado: Avocado contains a toxin called persin, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain in dogs. And it can also affect the heart and lungs if eaten in large amounts. That’s why, for us – avocado is a superfood, but not for Pitties.
  • Grapes and raisins: These fruits are extremely hazardous to dogs and can result in renal failure if consumed. Such a hidden danger from the delicious foods that Pit owners need to notice!
  • Alcohol: A drunk Pittie? Just imagining it makes me laugh. Just kidding! Alcohol is never a good option for dogs because it might disrupt their central nervous system, cause drunkenness, and increase the risk of dehydration.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause hyperactivity, agitation, tremors, seizures, and heart problems in dogs. Caffeine is found in common foods of humans such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate,… Therefore, you cannot give your dog a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar to enjoy the peace of the morning like a human to show your love for your 4-legged buddies. That is so weird, homies.

My Pitbull Got Overweight? What Should I Feed My Pitbull

Yes. One of the causes of becoming overweight is the wrong feeding method. A fat dog is really cute and sometimes looks so hilarious. But, being overweight is one of the most dangerous causes that directly affect the dog’s lifespan in a negative way.

  • You let your pit eat too much: As mentioned before, Pitbulls have a voracious appetite – this is their natural trait. Every single Pittie owner admits that “lay back all day” is a phrase that never existed in the Pitbull dictionary. Therefore, Pitbulls need a well-balanced diet that suits their energy and nutritional needs. A male Pitbull should weigh 35 to 60 pounds, while a female Pitbull should weigh 30 to 50 pounds.
  • Your Pit eats the wrong type of food: Pitbulls may become overweight if they consume foods heavy in fat, sugar, or carbs. These meals can lead them to gain weight and lose muscular mass. Hey Pit’s owners, this is a reminder. Do not let your Pit overweight just because of your lack of knowledge in dog nutrition. Pitbulls require high protein, low grain diets, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Your Pitbull is lazy: Every single dog is unique. Some are super hyper, some tend to be quiet. If your pits are “introvert” and just want to lie back and sleep all day, they may tend to be overweight. Lack of exercise is really bad for health. Pitbulls are active dogs that need regular physical activity to stay healthy and fit. For this reason, they should get at least 20 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may become lazy, bored, and overweight. So, let’s get exercise buddy!

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Poor Dog Owners Can Not Afford The Feeding Costs Of A Common Pitbull?

That is a wrong point of view. Feeding a Pitbull can be a big deal or not depending on the type, quality, and quantity of food you purchase for your dog. Feeding your Pitbull will cost you between $250 and $800 per year on average. This assumes you feed your dog high-quality dog food and nutritious dog treats that fit their nutritional needs and tastes.

The Maintenance Cost Of Owning A Pitbull Dog

There is a list of maintenance costs that dog owner needs to consider (per year):

  • Medical costs for vaccinations, flea prevention, checkups, and emergency medical savings can be around $480 to $600.
  • Grooming costs for brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing can be around $200 to $300.
  • Training costs for enrolling in a puppy kindergarten or obedience class can be around $100 to $200. (for puppy)
  • And many other costs (if any).

There are dozens of expenses that dog owners need to cover. And with savings above all else, let’s try to save money on food costs first. You want to optimally the cost of feeding your Pitbull, it is kinda easy but not simple. To select the highest-quality meals for your Pitbull and meet your budget, conduct some research on the various dog food options ASAP.

For example, if you are owning a Pit pup, you first need to search for suitable foods for puppies on the Internet or watch several video reviews on Youtube and any social platform if possible. To find the right foods, you also have to know which critical ingredients in commercial dog foods are best suited for your puppy’s growth.
You may also need guidance from your veterinarian on how much and how frequently to feed your Pitbull. Additionally, the feeding charts provided in this article can be a helpful guideline, but remember to modify them to meet the specific needs of your Pitbull.

Common Q&A For How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull

Why Does My Pit Not Eat Any Things?

Pitbulls are famous for their appetite. If your Pitties lose appetite, they may suffer from fever, virus infection, or disease. If your pitbull is anorexic, you should contact your veterinarian ASAP.

Can I Give Human Food To My Pitbull?

Yes, it is okay. Give that you can give human food to your pitbull, as long as it is safe and healthy for them. However, you should be careful because some human foods are toxic and harmful to dogs. But do not worry, we already mentioned some typical foods that dog owners have to Avoid Feeding Pitties above. Please scroll up to read so as not to miss some useful information.

How Can I Tell If My Pitbull Is Drinking Enough Water?

Just hold up a little bit of your dog’s skin (the one between their shoulder blades) and see how long it takes for it to get back in its normal position. If it snaps back quickly, your dog is well hydrated. And if it takes longer than a few seconds, your dog may be dehydrated. This method is called the scruff test. Interestingly, right?

My Pitbull Is Overeating. How Can I Stop This Behavior?

Add some green beans to your pitbull’s meals – this is a super secret ingredient that not everybody knows. Green beans are low in calories and high in fiber, which can help your pitbull feel full and satisfied without adding extra weight.

My Pitbull Eats Trash? Help Me!

There are many reasons why your pitbull may eat trash, such as hunger, boredom, curiosity, or instinct. Teach your pitbull to “leave it”. This is a command that tells your dog to stop what they are doing and move away from the trash. However, if trash eating still occurs, you need to bring your buddy to the vet for pet health check-ups.

Can Pitbull Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, Pitbulls can eat raw meat. Because, raw meat is one of the healthiest food sources you can give your pitbull because it contains essential vitamins and nutrients including protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

In summary, I admit that feeding properly is the toughest problem when having a dog. Especially Pitbull – a dog breed with a great need for food. This article already provides almost helpful information about the topic: How much should I feed my pitbull? We may supply information in this Pitbull feeding chart for you to use as a reference, and vets will provide you with professional advice and help. Stay tuned for more exciting topics about dogs – one of the cutest human friends.


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