How Often Do Puppies Poop? Things You Need To Know


Worried that your puppy may be pooping too much?

Or are you just curious?Now, at first, the question may sound silly. But having to know how frequent your puppy poops is a good consideration. If you feel like or have noticed that your puppy is pooping more than usual or not pooping at all, then there must be something wrong. The average times a puppy poops a day is in between 1 to 5. But that really depends on a few factors. It could change from only once a day to three times a day.Let’s get to know these factors, shall we?

How often do puppies poop? Few Factors to know about

Well, there are certain factors that we have to know about when it comes to puppy excretion. We’re going to talk about why they excrete often and how these factors can affect the number of times a puppy may defecate. These factors are:

  1. The Age of your Puppy
  2. The Amount of Dog Food they have eaten and consumed
  3. How much fiber content there is on your Puppy’s diet and health.

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#1 – The age of puppy

Let’s first start off by talking about the age of your puppy. The younger they are, from newborn to a few weeks, you won’t expect quite a lot of mess in your house.

When puppies are very, very young, they are not capable enough to poop on their own, and this is when the mother helps their young to do so. She encourages her young’s bodily functions and then cleans her little one up until the job is done.

However, if your puppy is without its mother, you can expect excretions from every two to three hours. But don’t worry, it won’t be so much to handle. When your puppy reaches to a few months of age, excretion will be much more controlled unlike a newborn. But you may want to introduce your puppy to potty training.

#2 -The Amount of Dog Food they have eaten

Now, let’s move on to the amount of dog food your puppy intakes every day. Normally, puppies would poop for only 1 to 5 times a day, and this can also depend on how much he or she has eaten. If you’re the kind of person who would feed your puppy by morning, afternoon, and night, you would most likely have your puppy excreting around 1 to 3 times that day.

However, giving it only a fair amount just enough for your puppy will have him or her pooping only once or twice. As they get older and older, excretion would become lesser and lesser as puppies intend to poop more frequently than an adult dog.

#3 – Puppy’s diet

In addition, if there is so much fiber content in your puppy’s dog food, this can certainly help with diarrhea. If your puppy has such diet, it can prevent your puppy from ever excreting so much because of stomach problems. If your puppy is having a low-fiber diet, then this can lead to possibilities of your puppy pooping quite a lot.

The last factor is the quality and the kind of dog food you feed your pup. When feeding your pup low-quality dog food, chances are that they might end up getting diarrhea. Very bad for your puppy’s health. Much more, they might stop eating or be constipated. Giving your puppy dog food with great quality won’t ever let that happen at all as this helps your puppy’s stool improve its consistency and frequency.

The Things you need to Consider

The amount of food, scheduling feeding time, and the food you feed your dog. These three are few of the things you have to consider when making sure your puppy stays healthy and happy. Having to consider doing these can also change the number of times your puppy defecates. And who knows… it may even improve your relationship with your pup!

  • Amount of food

See the amount of food on the left? You definitely don’t want to feed your puppy that much. This could lead to obesity or even frequent excretion.

Make sure to feed your puppy three to four times a day. The cup measurement by how much food you should put depends on the puppy’s breed: is it small, medium, or a large breed? You can try giving your puppy ¾ a cup or ½ a cup of dog food.

  • Schedule feeding time

Once you set a schedule on when to exactly feed your puppy, this can control when they are going to poop as well. Usually, after eating, going straight to potty is something they would do.

After a meal, it would take an hour or only a few minutes for them to start pooping again. It would be better to have a meal schedule with your pup. That way, you would know when he or she would poop.

  • The food you give

Like I have mentioned, the food you give your puppy matters quite a lot for giving the wrong kind of dog food may trigger allergic reactions, stomachaches, diarrhea to constipation.

As the owners of our beloved pups, we have to take good care of them. Make sure to give them the right dog food to prevent any life-threatening conditions your puppy might encounter.

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Once in a while, try to monitor the number of times your puppy poops and how much you feed him or her. When you sense like there is something just not right, I recommend you take your puppy straight to the vet right away. This way, your puppy wouldn’t have to suffer any longer.

Well, that brings you to the end of this article. Do you have any thoughts about it? Was this helpful for you? If you think so, I’m glad we managed to share information that you needed! If you want, give us a message in the comments! And if you have enjoyed this article, please share it and give it a thumbs up! Thank you very much.


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