Dog Eating Grass…Frantically – What Is The Problem With My Dog?


As we all know, dogs are meat-eaters. But have you ever seen your dog eat grass?  Sometimes, you will be surprised to see your beloved dog do that with your own eyes. And you may wonder why?

Do not worry, your dog is not alone. One research of dog owners indicates that 80% of them see their dogs access to grass and other plants at some time. And another survey about plant-eating dogs found that grass was the most commonly eaten plant. There are some reasons to explain this.

Dog Eating Grass…Frantically!.!

Let me see…

#1 – Some research show that when dogs do not feel well, they eat grass as a way to make themselves vomit, and then they feel better. Grass like medicine help them to eliminate toxic. In this case, eating grass is their good natural instinct. Hence, when your dog is ill, you should take them to natural meadows. No one knows, grass can cure his illness.

Dog Eating Grass…Frantically – They eat grass as a way to make themselves vomit

#2 – In other cases, they do that because of boredom. Dogs are active animals. They like running around, playing with chew toys or playing interactive games with their owners. And sometimes, if they have nothing to do, they feel bored, they may graze and play with grass just for fun. In this case, let him do that in a large garden. It is a good way for him to do exercise and relax. In addition, you can engage your dog in some funny activities by buying some toys that he likes or playing with him.

And #3 – Other suggested ideas why your dog graze your lawns because they want to fulfill some nutritional need, especially the need for fiber. If your dog is still healthy and happy but he is at grass all of a sudden, he probably lacks some of the nutrients. And yet, dogs eat grass as the same way human eats more vegetables, as doctor advice, when we get sick. Eating grass or plant is a natural way for this matter. Besides, you should get advice from veterinarians to get to know healthy diet for your dog.


In short, you can see, eating grass or plants is not only not harmful but also somehow good for your dog. And so, you should not worry when you see your dog eat grass. The thing you should concern about is that certain herbicides and pesticides used on lawns can be quite toxic, especially if ingested. Make sure that your garden or meadows where you dog regularly access have not been treated with any of those harmful substances.


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