How To Cut Pitbull Nails: Best Tips From A Professional Groomer


Owning a Pitbull is one of the best things in the world. But I have to admit that raising them can be a challenge, especially for first-time dog owners. Cutting Pitty’s nails can be a daunting task. This work is definitely a nightmare for Pit owners if their dogs are not used to nail cutting or have a strong aversion to it. However, keeping your Pit’s nails trimmed is essential for their health and comfort. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you will totally know How To Cut Pitbull Nails like a pro!

Why Is It Important To Cut Pitbull Nails Regularly?

Pitty’s nails are like humans, grow indefinitely, and need to be cut Pitbull nails regularly. Wild dogs and wild Pitbull naturally wear down their nails as they move or hunt on various terrains. But the story is really different with modern domestic dogs. The living environment and lifestyle of domestic dogs are very different. Our pets’ nails cannot be worn down fast enough to keep up with their development. As a result, pet parents must carefully check their pets’ paws and clip their nails as needed.

When a dog’s nails are left unattended, they can grow to be excessively long. When your dog walks on a tile or hardwood floor, you will hear your clicking noises. Its nails can become stuck on carpets or become entangled in a pile. It can chip, shatter, or splinter if it gets too long. Arthritis can develop over time and leave your dog in excruciating agony. Pitties and any other dog breeds will suffer the pain or damage until they are unable to bear it any longer.

Moreover, in severe situations, the nails can grow, twist, and become embedded in your dog’s paw pads. It’s extremely inconvenient and painful for your poor Pitties. Therefore, regular nail trimming is essential for Pitty to maintain their physical and mental health. 

How To Desensitize Your Dog To Have Their Nails Cut?

Get Familiar With Nail Clippers

Make your dog used to seeing nail clippers. Remember that your dog may be unfamiliar with this mechanical equipment or it may be linked with prior trauma. In any case, they must overcome their aversion to the nail clipper. Call your dog and grab the clipper in front of them. When you grab the clippers and offer your dog a reward, act cheerful. Try to repeat this process multiple times every day. The familiarity of the nail clippers should immediately become associated with praise and incentives for your Pitties. When they become excited about seeing the clipper, don’t hesitate to move on to the next step.

Teach Your Dog To Accept Paw Handling

Use a sweet, soothing voice to keep your doggo chill out while gently rubbing their paws. If your Pit becomes terrified or pulls back their paw, don’t be do not be impatient. take a break and resume only after your Pitty calms down. This work needs to be repeated multiple times each day.

Combine Paw Handling And Clippers

 The idea here is to get your dog used to the feel of the clippers. Touch each toe with the clippers if your dog remains calm. Take a rest if they feel anxious or retract their foot. Wait a few moments before trying again with a gentle touch.

Tackle The Nail Trimming

Touch the nail clippers to your dog’s foot once your Pitty has remained calm while you hold her paw. Hold their paw and gently grip one of their toes. The very tip of the nail needs to be trimmed. To prevent exposing the quick, don’t cut too much off at first. After clipping each nail, give Pitties praise and reward. From there, they will find nail trimming very interesting and never shy away from this thing again. 

Aggressive dog nail trim – How to

How To Cut Pitbull Nails At Home

After the desensitization steps above, you have to begin clipping your Pitties ASAP. If you want to trim your dog’s nails at home, you need to make sure you have all the necessary tools to make this process go smoothly. Therefore, here are some tips to keep in mind to make nail trimming a more enjoyable experience for your and your 4-legged friend.

Prepare The Right Tools For Nail Trimming Process

  • Nail clippers

You have to find sharp clippers that are appropriate for your Pitty’s nails. It’s really easy to find a dog nail clipper. There are several brands and styles of dog nail clippers available on the market nowadays. Did you know, there are also nail clippers with sensors that you may use to trim your Pit’s nails safely? So, you just need to find a sharp and high-quality clipper that meets your budget and the requirements of your doggo.

Picking The Right Pet Nail Clipper
  • Styptic Powder

A styptic powder must always be kept on hand in case you cut to the quick of your Pitty’s nail. The quick is a section of your dog’s nail that should not be cut as it will cause your pet to bleed and get injured. If you accidentally cut through your dog’s nail, keep calm and apply styptic powder to the injured nail to stop the bleeding ASAP.

  • First Aid kits

Having a first-aid kit is very important. Your emergency kit should contain some anti-bleeding agents like Styptic powder as I mentioned above and others like Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubber gloves, Gauze, Scissors, Grooming Wipes,…

Find A Comfortable Position And Begin To Cut Pitbull Nails

Find a bright and comfortable place – Look for a bright room to sit in. Stay out of the dark; you need to be able to see the nails well before you begin cutting. Hold your Pitty firmly as you sit in that posture, or request the assistance of another person.

Immobilize your dog and firmly grasp his paws to prevent movement, which might result in unexpected injuries. Now, all you need is to carefully find your Pitbull’s quick and know where it begins and finishes; this will help you cut Pitbull nails without severing the quick.

I already mentioned the quick of the dog above. But just in case you forget or don’t know what the quick is, let’s look at the photo below.

Trim Properly To Avoid Bleeding

Begin by trimming your Pitbull’s nails using a nail clipper. Gently cut, gently trim little by bit, and avoid injuring the quick. The ideal trimming angle is 45 degrees. Do not cut off a significant portion of the nail; instead, trim softly and bite by bit with tiny portions. If your dog attempts to resist, please take a rest or offer them a tasty meal and then resume the nail-trimming process. 

File The Nails After Trimming 

After trimming the nails, use a file to smooth down any rough edges. This is one of the most crucial tasks that you shouldn’t forget. Filing a Pitty’s nails is like giving it a final touch. Moreover, filing the nails is the ideal method for dogs with brittle nails to better protect their nails.

Don’t Forget To Reward Your Pitbull

Your Pitty will be overjoyed when you praise and reward them for being patient and cooperative during the nail trimming session. Because your good boy/ girl deserves it! You also need to give them some extra attention and playtime to make them relaxed and happier than ever!

What To Do In Accidental Cuts Or Bleeding?

If this is your first time trimming your Pitbull’s nails, try trimming one or two at a time. You may repeat the technique the next day until your dog is comfortable with it. If you cut too near to the quick and unfortunately Pit’s quick bleeds, do the following tips:

  • Recognize that quicking causes pain and apologize to your pet. Don’t dwell on the problem or feel terrible about it since it will make your pet uneasy.
  • Address the bleeding by squeezing and gripping the nail. To clot, dip it in flour, cornstarch, or a bar of soap. If you have styptic powder, apply it to stop the bleeding. Styptic powder really works!
  • To stop a bleeding nail, use styptic pencils. Styptic pencils, which contain silver nitrate, are available at any respectable pet store. They function similarly to powders. For a few minutes, press the pencil against the hemorrhage and watch the blood coagulate.
  • Contact your veterinarian or groomer for advice on how to correctly cut your nails. Or better yet, if you’ve never cut your Pitties nails at home, you need to bring your doggo to the pet spa or vet center for professional care.
How To Quickly Stop a Bleeding Nail

How To Cut Puppies Nails For The First Time

Trimming Pitbull puppies’ nails are similar to the steps of cutting adult pitbull nails at home that we have already written above. However, Pitty Puppy’s nails are still quite weak. If you can not cut your Pitty’s nails gently or you have never had experience trimming Pitty’s nails, then it is best to consider the grinding dog’s nails tool.

Using a Dremel tool can be a great idea for trimming Pit pup’s nail. A Dremel tool is a power tool with an abrasive head that grinds the nail down. A Dremel tool designed exclusively for cutting dog nails may be purchased at most pet supply stores online and offline. To use a Dremel tool, let’s get your puppy acclimated to the tool’s loudness and vibration by turning it on and off near them and gently stroking them with it. Then, with one hand holding your puppy’s paw and the tool in the other, gently file down each nail, avoiding the quick (the pink portion of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves). It is ideal to start with short sessions and only do one or two nails at a time, until your Pitty puppy gets comfortable with the process.

How To Trim Puppy Nails The Easy Way

How Often Should I Cut Pitbull Nails?

The amount of activity your Pitties engage in, the type of surface they walk on, and the growth rate of their nails,… all affect how often you should cut Pitbull nails. 

As a general rule, you should trim your pitbull’s nails whenever you hear them clicking on the floor or notice that they are in contact with the ground while standing. The typical time that pitbulls need to have their nails cut is every four to six weeks.

How To Make Nail Trimming Easier For Pitbulls And Their Owners?

Don’t let nail trimming become a nightmare for both you and your 4-legged friend. C’mon, but it does not have to be. But you don’t need to worry about that because it only happens if you’re not reading this article. So, here are some tips that can make nail trimming super easier and more enjoyable for both of you:

Start Early 

The best time to start trimming your pitbull’s nails is when they are puppies. Yeah, every training is easier when your Pit is a “kid”. This way, they will get used to the process and become more comfortable with it as they grow older.

Be Consistent 

The more often you cut Pitbull nails, the less likely they will grow too long and cause problems. It will also make each session shorter and easier for both of you.

Be Positive

Yes, being positive is the key in any circumstances! The more positive you are, the more positive your pitbull will be too during the nail-trimming process. Everything you need is to use a super sweet voice to calm your pet down. Don’t forget to give your lovely doggo praise and rewards for their patience. And avoid any harsh words or actions that may scare or hurt your tiny pitbull. Trust me, this tip is really helpful!

Be Patient

Buddies, rushing won’t solve the problem. Don’t rush or force your Pitty doggo to cooperate but rather work at their pace and comfort level. You also need to take breaks if needed and resume when both of you are ready. Good things take time!

Can A Pitbull Catch Contagious Diseases When Cutting Nails At Pet Spas?

Yes. It is entirely possible that your Pitty can catch a contagious disease when cutting nails at pet spas, especially if the spa doesn’t follow proper hygiene and safety protocols. So don’t be subjective! Some of the factors that can increase the risk of infection are:

  • The nail clippers or other tools of the pet spa are not sterilized or disinfected carefully between each use. This is really a big threat to Pitty’s health.
  • Your Pit doggo has a pre-existing medical condition that affects the nails, such as vasculitis, autoimmune diseases, allergies, ringworm, bacterial infections, endocrine disorders, parasites,… 
  • Pitty has a wound or injury on the nail or paw that is exposed to bacteria or fungi from the living environment or other doggo breeds or other animals.

Q&A For How To Cut Pitbull Nails

Do Dogs’ Nails Hurt When Cut?

The dog’s nail has 2 parts: the quick and hard outer material a.k.a the shell When the living quick is cut, your dog will be extremely painful. Therefore, as long as you don’t cut the living quick of the dog’s nails, your Pit will be totally fine, without feeling hurt.

What To Do If My Dog Won’t Let Me Cut His Nails?

Calm your Pitty down by feeding him/her a tasty meal or hanging out with your cutie doggo for a while. If your dog is still resistant, remember: Haste is not the solution to the problem. Wait until another time or day to try clipping his/her nails. Before clipping your dog’s nails, teach him/her to feel comfortable around the nail clippers.

How Do You Cut A Dog’s Nails If They Hate It?

Don’t worry. There are so many ways to cut Pitbull nails. Dog nail clippers aren’t the only tools. Dremels could be a better solution. A Dremel tool is a power tool with an abrasive head that grinds the nail down. With one hand holding your puppy’s paw and the tool in the other, gently file down each nail, avoiding the quick (the pink portion of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves).

Will My Dogs Forgive Me For Cutting Their Nails?

Your Pitty will forgive you, but they may be apprehensive the next time they see the nail clippers. Not all dogs will be pleased having their feet touched, let alone their nails cut! Therefore, you need to familiarize your Pit with the nail clipping process from an early age.

Why Do Dogs Cry When Cutting Nails?

Oh poor little dog, you already cut the quick of the dog’s nails. The pink color inside the nail towards the paw is called the living quick. The living quick includes nerves and your dog never wants you to trim this part. If your dog cries when you trim their nails, you may cut the quick.

Should I Let My Dog Lick His Cut Nail?

Although licking may provide some protection against certain germs and parasites, there are serious consequences when you allow your Pit doggo to lick their wounds. It can be said that more harm than good. Excessive licking can cause irritation, which can lead to hot spots or even infections. 

Remember that cutting your dog’s nails is a job you’ll have to do for the rest of your doggo’s life. The goal is to make nail clipping a habit and eventually a “normal” habit for your pet. Therefore, Pitty owners need to know: How To Cut Pitbull Nails. You can use this article as a reference, and vets will provide you with professional advice and help. Dogaholics, please stay tuned for more amazing topics about dogs and their lives.


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