Can You Use Baby Shampoo on Dogs? See If You Really Can!


You admit it. Your dog smells terrible! No worries, mine does too. We all know it’s the truth even how much we’ve grown so fond of them. We simply can’t control them to where they go and play their mischiefs. We just need to accept it; Dogs will be dogs!Keeping your dog lovely and spotless means bathing him as needed. Can you use baby shampoo on dogs? I wonder if we have the same curiosity. Do you think your baby and the dog can share the same shampoo? It’s going to be a wild idea, but it’s worth finding out if we can.Will it ever work?

Do you really need to shampoo your dog?

For a fact, we like our dogs to smell good. Apart from that, there are various explanations why you should shampoo your fur baby.

As always, a dog got to play with anything and roll everywhere without worrying how they will smell after. Dog’s coats are intended to be self-cleaning. Some breeds know how to clean themselves by licking the dirty parts, but for us, it is never enough.

Dogs need protection. Like humans, dogs need to be clean to avoid bacteria that causes sickness. The filth that sticks in the fur might contain those bacteria and will infect your dog. Ticks also and other kinds of parasites could probably cling to your dog’s coat and multiply. It is important for you to bathe him to avoid such problems.

It is advisable to bathe your dog once a month. Bathing him more often than this can take away the usual oil and will result in damaged coat and itchy skin. One benefit your dog can get from shampoo is the stability of pH level in his coat. If properly sustained, it helps prevent bacteria and viruses to thrive.

Can You Use Baby Shampoo for Your Dog?

Your baby’s shampoo is completely safe, so why not use it? Besides, it is a lot cheaper compared to dog shampoos. A lot of dog owners have testified and shared that baby shampoo does work for dogs.  If it works mostly with other dogs, why not yours?

Of course, as much as you can, you must use dog shampoo. Dog shampoos have additional benefits mainly for dogs.

There are certain differences between a baby shampoo and a dog shampoo. Manufacturers made baby shampoo to be mild for the baby’s natural delicate skin, eyes and hair. This is the reason why it is safe to be used for your fur baby. It is adequately mild not to hurt your dog.


  • Make sure to choose the baby shampoo that is not scented, gentle and clear.
  • Don’t over use the shampoo. Using it once every two months would be okay. If you plan to bathe your dog more frequently than this, use a regular dog shampoo as advised.
  • Never use a shampoo meant for human adults. It contains tougher pH balancing agents. It would be too tough for your dog.
  • Although baby shampoos are proven to be safe for dogs, it is best to consult the vet first before deciding to use one for your dog.

What is the Best Shampoo for Your Dog?

You already know that baby shampoo can be used for your dog and it is good to learn that there are a lot of shampoo that is best for him. Many shampoos are available in the market that is specially formulated for the dog’s grooming. You can ask your dog’s vet or dog salons for ideas so that it will be easy for you to decide what to buy.

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One factor that you need to consider when using dog shampoo rather than baby shampoo is the difference between the human and dog PH levels. Human skin is more acidic and can disrupt your dog’s acid mantle. pH stands for “power of hydrogen.” It pertains to the acid-alkaline proportion of the body.

Dog shampoos are made to restore their balanced PH level. It also takes care of the lustrous shine of your dog’s fur that would make him look gorgeous. Dog shampoos are sold according to your dog’s needs. Be sure you buy the right one.

Using baby shampoo surely gives us savings. We can actually spend those savings for another pack of dog treat or toy. Tempting as it can be, as dog owners we know better that using dog shampoo is more beneficial than baby shampoo. So, let’s give our four-legged friend the real stuff.

We could have made more savings than we’ll ever know! If you think this article has been useful to you, please don’t hesitate to share it with all fur parents you know.


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