Top 5 Most Effective and Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin

Those flaky, itchy skin! Worried about your dog’s skin condition? Frustrated that you have not found the Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin?
You do not need to look further! We have carefully researched and selected the top best dog shampoo for dry skin that would take care of your dogs’ needs, all prepared and reviewed for your buying convenience. Here are the Top 5 Best Shampoo for Dry Skin, all ready for you to choose!



Synergy Labs Veterinary Medical Shampoo for Dogs


Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo


Certified Organic Dog Shampoo, all Natural


All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner


Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, anti-itch


What are the different skin conditions for dogs?

Since we are focusing on the Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin, it is essential to know the different skin conditions of our pets that may have caused the dry skin, itchiness and other skin ailments that made them uncomfortable.

  • Dry Skin- when your pet has dry skin, it would soon become flaky and it will lead to being itchy. This is mostly due to allergens. Be keen on when your dog starts to develop dry skin. It maybe the weather or food that your dog ate.
  • Yeast Infection- if your dog scratches at the ears and paws, there is a big possibility of yeast infection. Yeast attacks usually start during summer when it is warm. Yeast thrives in warm weather.
  • Dog Dandruff- like us humans, dogs have dandruff too. Signs are scratching, thinning of the coat and bald spots all over.
  • Dog Mange- mange are microscopic mites, that gives an itchy feeling to the skin as it burrows under the skin. Abnormal shedding will occur and the skin will bleed after scratching.
  • Hot Spots- this is curable but would cause a lot of pain to your pet. It appears as big spots in your dogs’ body, bleeding and is very itchy. It occurs anytime and needs medication and care.
  • Skin Infection- these infections are usually caused by yeast or bacteria. Very common during the summer when weather is warm. This is frequently mistaken as allergies.
  • Dog Ticks- parasites that feed on your dogs’ flesh and blood. They can cause big problem to your pet. It will lower the immune system and would create a bad smell.
  • Flea- same as ticks, they are pests or parasites that feed on your pets’ body. It sticks to your dogs’ skin and burrows under.

Here is a video showing on how to take care of our pets when they have these devastating skin conditions.

The 2 types of dog shampoos:

  • Medicated Shampoo- these type of shampoo is made to focus on dogs’ specific medical conditions. They have medicinal contents to help ease your dogs’ discomfort and pain. Though it is medicated, mostly of those that are in the market comes with wonderful scents to make your buddy smells good. There are different kinds of this type:
    • Against Parasites- they are made to kill parasites and prevent them from coming back. This kind is applicable to all breeds and any age.
    • Against Fungal Infections- since it is hard to control where our dogs go, it is difficult to prevent fungal infections and other harmful bacteria. This kind of shampoo will keep your buddy safe.
    • Against Microbes and other bacteria- if your dog is suffering from skin conditions caused by microbes and bacteria, it is best to buy this anti-microbial shampoo. It is important to follow instructions on how to use it.
    • Against itchiness and other allergens- your pet’s frequent scratching could greatly damage its skin. Buy anti-itch shampoos to ease the discomfort. The itchiness may be caused by allergens, parasites or low immune system.
    • Against dandruff and other dry skin conditionsthis is a kind of shampoo that you need to use for the dog regularly. It would maintain and prevent the skin from being dry.
  • Non-Medicated Shampoos- these shampoos are made for your pets’ grooming and hygiene. If your buddy does not have any medical problems, this shampoos are available over the counter and are usually not that expensive.

What do you need to consider when buying your dogs’ shampoo?

So now you know the different types of shampoos, its importance, and uses. You could refer to it when choosing the right one that would suit your dogs’ needs. Below are additional considerations that you need to watch for when buying shampoos.

  • Buy products that are specifically for dogs. Every product is designed for every use when made.
  • The healthier the shampoo is, the best for your dog. Be sure to check the label and look for contents good for hygiene and moisturizing.
  • Consider your dogs’ breed, age, and size. There are products that are suitable for them. Remember that the need of the dog changes as its age differs in terms of size or breed.
  • If your dog has medical conditions, choose that type of shampoo that offers remedy on the said ailment. If it is dry or itchy skin, buy an anti-itch shampoo.
  • pH levels- dogs have different pH levels. Be sure to choose the shampoo that is balanced with your dogs’.
  • Quality- it would be worth it to buy high-quality shampoo for your dog. A bottle of shampoo would last for months so it wouldn’t be much if the price is high.

And now, let us proceed to our Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin 2017 Review!

#1 - Synergy Labs Veterinary Medical Shampoo for Dogs

Our first entry is a medicated shampoo that has high content of coal Tar, Salicylic Acid and micronized sulfur best for your pets’ skin medical conditions. + A relief to skin scaling, dryness caused by the medical condition called Seborrhea, dandruff, and red skin + Prevents Mange and other parasites like dog fleas.

What We Like (Pros):

  • Works well with many skin issues even if just using it for a short while
  • Effective treatment for manage and is affordable
  •  Saved me a trip to the vet! Completely got rid of my dogs’ scabies.


What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • It really smells like medicine

#2 - Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Another bestseller, this shampoo is absolutely natural in terms of caring for dogs and is 100% bio-degradable. So this shampoo is animal-friendly!

  • Shampoo that is completely soap-free
  • With variety of scents that you can choose from
  • Proven to be very effective, mild and safe to use

What We Like (Pros):

  • Works and smells great and my dog did not mind the scent.
  • Effective prevention of skin allergies and smells wonderful
  • Best anti-itch shampoo so far


What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • Won’t completely cure skin allergies
  •  It does not lather so I need to use much

#3 - Certified Organic Dog Shampoo, all Natural

Our 3rd entry is a hypoallergenic pet wash, contains lemongrass, aloe and is free from soap, paraben, sulfate and is proven to be non-toxic. Purely original and natural shampoo!

What We Like (Pros):

  • You can choose whether scented or non-scented
  • Lathers so well
  • Washes off so easily
  • Longer lasting scent
  • Makes the coat super soft
  • Gentle on the coat
  • Effective for allergies
  • Organic; a little drop is enough
  • Safe to use even when it goes to the eyes


What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • The non-scented has a very strong smell
  • Expensive

#4 - All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Our 4th entry is popularly known as the best oatmeal and aloe vera dog shampoo and conditioner in the market today. Proven effective to cure dry to damage skin bringing back your pets’ natural coat!

  • Best anti-itch formula
  • All in one, dog shampoo and conditioner, moistens and cleans coat, deodorizer

What We Like (Pros):

  • Reputation holds true! Best anti-itch formula
  • Lathers well
  • Rinses easily
  • Very pleasant scent
  • Cost effective
  • Scent lasts long


What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • Not effective on all dogs
  • Less suds

#5 - Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, anti-itch

Last but not the least, this shampoo is the best for allergies, itchiness, and dryness! A great relief for your pets’ discomfort.

  • The only shampoo you will need for dry skin, with colloidal oatmeal and healing formulas.
  • Medicated shampoo that quickly soothes your pets’ pain and discomfort.

What We Like (Pros):

  • Smells awesome
  • Brings out shiny coat
  • Works great anti-itch
  • My husky does not shed as much as the usual
  • Great for older dogs
  • Just a few drops and it works


What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • It works but takes a long time


Were you satisfied with our review? After all the best dog shampoo for dry skin that we have presented, have you decided what to buy? Remember that all those shampoos were carefully picked and selected to meet the need for pets that are suffering from dry skin. So we understand that it is hard for you to choose! Just think of your lovely dog and surely you would know what to pick! Good luck!

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