How many Puppies Can A Pit Bull have? You Want to Know More?

Puppies! Some people may have been wondering if their house would be flooded with adorable pups. How many puppies can a Pit Bull have? As a soon to be a grandparents, you must also know the “Before, During, and After” basic things you need to do. Here’s a little info on what you are going to expect.

What is a Pit Bull?

This a popular breed of dogs. They are used for family companionship, hunting, and sports. They were originally bred as fighting dogs. With their masculine body, they fit to be fighters and settles to be one for a long time. They come in many different breeds of Pit Bulls: American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and so on.

How many puppies can a Pit Bull have?

Usually, it would range up to 7 – 10 puppies for an average Pit Bull. If your Pit Bull is as healthy as ever, then she will be able to have 2 – 12 pups. If they are at their first times of giving birth, they will have fewer puppies found in their litter. If it’s not their first time, they will have more in the basket.

It all depends on your Female Pit Bull’s size. If she is big, she will have a lot, if she is small, she will have less.

All the best for your Pit Bulls:

What to do when you’re getting your litter?

Is it your first time? If you are not yet familiar with this process, you will need some extra ideas to assist you. Here are a few things that you might find interesting.

Before Birth:

  • Prepare a box or anything soft that the little puppies can lie down on. Make sure it is a comfortable size for your dog and there is enough space for the puppies as well.
  • Place it in a nice and quiet room with a blanket or anything that can cover the top of the box. If you are using a mat, then I suggest you make a small tent. Dogs would like to feel safe and since you covered it all up, it would feel like she is in a den.
  • Put your female dog’s favorite types of food in a bowl near the box and let her explore to find a place to give birth.
  • She will then choose a place to give birth in the box. Make sure that you make the box comfy so that she won’t be on something hard when giving birth. It would also be good when the puppies come.

During Birth:

  • Do not let any of your friends watch your dog give birth.
  • Do not bring any other animals to watch the seen that your dog does not know. As much as possible, do not lessen situations that would make her feel uneasy. She needs a safe and quiet place for the process.

After Birth:

  • When the puppy is already born, do not cut the placenta. It will get off naturally. Cutting it off might cause hemorrhage.
  • Replace the stained cloth or newspaper with another clean one and do it regularly.
  • As always, let the mother have some time to be with her children for at least 4-5 days in peace with no one to disturb them.
  • Check the temperature. Make sure the room is at a right temperature. Not too hot and not too

Since the puppies are already born and have been around for quite long, it is now okay to bring visitors in! Make sure their hands are “Well- Sanitized”. Do not let them bring unwanted germs into the house.

When do puppies start walking?


Newborn Puppies start to walk a week after their birth. They will not need much support. Their mother will give them a gentle push, but as usual, puppies would learn all by themselves.


How long can a Pitbull live?

Pit Bulls are pretty much able to live for at least 8 to 15 years life, depending if they are healthy or not. If they are facing any bad medical conditions, they will either be cured and live naturally or they will decrease in life span.

So how is it now? How many puppies can a Pit Bull have? Did you get your desired puppies? Are they good? I bet they are! Your Pit Bull is going to be so happy and so are you! Have a happy dog life with new ones by your side!

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