Just What Your Pitbull Needs: The 5 Best Dog Food For PitBulls


 Do you ever ask yourself, is my Pit Bull eating healthy or not?

Like some of us humans, we have labeled each and every food to which is best for us.We have the healthy foods and the unhealthy foods. We would always choose which one is good for us and sometimes even give ourselves a treat with the unhealthy foods. But our dogs—they have their own dog food. Yet we don’t exactly know if it is healthy—we can’t exactly separate each and label them unhealthy or healthy.However, there are dog foods which contain everything. And most of them counts as healthy.

They are mixed with formulas that are exactly what your Pit Bull needs. Pit Bulls are big dogs and when raising them, you need the right food to help them grow bigger, healthier, and much stronger.And what mostly contributes to the health of our Pit Bull is what they eat. That’s right. Dog Food. In fact, you need the Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls.






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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food, Natural Flavour

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Meet the PitBull!

Isn’t the Pit Bull just so cute? These dogs are often known and labeled to be dogs who are violent and good fighters just because of their history. Their history comes long way back when the pit bull was bred to become one of the greatest fighting dogs there is. They have been this way for centuries and have always been part of the dog fighting ring.

Ever since then, they have experienced lots of abuse, pain, and a lot of fighting. But now, that time has come to the end. It is time to give the pit bulls what they deserve most and that is love and care. For those who are planning to take a Pit Bull home, don’t be afraid at all. They are wonderful dogs and it just all depends on how you raise them.

When raising them, we all have to be sure that everything would turn out fine. As a dog owner, we also have to make sure that your Pit Bull is healthy and happy.

But how do we make sure they are healthy and happy?

First, we start off by giving them their needs as well as love and affection. Toys, bed, treats, diapers and of course, the right food for their breed. This article will help you choose what dog food is best for your wonderful Pit Bull.

And if you want to know more about your Pit Bull, here are some interesting facts…

Why is it so important to get the right dog food for my Pit Bull?

One thing that I know for sure is that every dog has their different needs when it comes to optimal nutrition. Your pit bull is part of this. Knowing that every dog comes in all shapes and sizes, each one of them should be given different amounts as well as dog food that is made especially for that certain dog breed.

When you give your pit bull dog food containing all the vitamins and nutrients that they need, you and your pit bull may certainly experience these benefits:

The Benefits of Giving Your Pit Bull the Right Dog Food

• Your pit bull will have a longer lifespan• You will have a much healthier pit bull• Your pit bull will consume all the protein he or she needs• Your pit bull will be energized and be more lively• Your pit bull’s skin will be much softer• Health problems will lessen• Your pit bull will not have any allergic reactions• You don’t have to spend so much on vet medication

But remember, you can say it’s okay to buy any kind of dog food for your Pit Bull, though do know that you can be facing consequences. Take note of these possibilities:

The Problems You and Your Pit Bull May Encounter When Feeding Them the Wrong Dog Food

• Your pit bull will experience bloating• Allergic reactions may happen often• Your pit bull will develop joint problems• Get ready to spend more on pet supplements• Your pit bull’s life may be at stake

How do I choose the right dog food for my Pit Bull?

Before buying, we all always have to check whether something is good for us or not. We may even face the terrible consequences when we choose the wrong one and may end up even regretting the decisions we make in the future. Such things can be avoided if we just know exactly what we need. It goes the same when we are looking for the right dog food for our Pit Bull.

Now, how exactly do we choose the right dog food for our Pit Bull? When we are in the midst of choosing, we have to first know the nutrition requirements of our Pit Bull. Do they need lots of meat? Do they want some more vegetables? Or do they prefer something that tastes a lot like bacon? Well, let’s check:

The Nutrition that Pit Bulls Need

  • Protein
  • Crude Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamine
  • Minerals
  • Macro Minerals
  • Trace Minerals

Now that you know what nutrients the Pit Bull requires, it’s very important to take note of these. So let’s take a look at the possible ingredients in dog food that may contain such nutrients for our Pit Bull

Ingredients to find when choosing the right dog food

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Natural Preservatives
  • Oils
  • Fats
  • Whole meat
  • Vitamins

These are the kinds of ingredients to look for, but in every good, we can say there are also the bad things. These things are to be avoided. Such as these ingredients that may harm your Pit Bull

Ingredients to avoid when choosing the right dog food

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Meat by-products

Always take note of these ingredients: the ingredients to search for and the ingredients to avoid. Please also make sure that you check the list of ingredients. If a product doesn’t have their ingredients listed, you can try asking online. Or better yet, try to find another one which has their ingredients listed. Those are said to be the most trusted products. Let us all try to keep our beloved dogs healthy as possible!

The 5 Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls Reviews and Ratings

In this review, we have decided to keep things simple and easy for your reading advantage. To do that, we reviewed all the products based on their pros and cons and rated them to what most of the people think about the product.

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Pros And Cons

#1 Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

What We Like (Pros):

  • The product is supplemented with vegetables and fruits
  • It is made with real roasted meat
  • It contains a grain-free formula
  • It has ingredients such as sweet potatoes and peas which provide energy for your Pit Bull
  • Consists of a formula with antioxidants

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • A few people reported that some of the products have molds during their arrival
  • Some purchased products are not that authentic

#2 “I and love and you” Nude Food Red Meat Medley Grain Free Dry Dog Food, 23 LB 

What We Like (Pros):

  • Ingredients don’t contain any fillers
  • It is grain-free
  • Consists of a formula rich in protein
  • Contains oils such as omega 3 and omega 6
  • Have Digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics, to keep your dog feeling just right

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • The dog food doesn’t exactly smell nice
  • An expensive product comparing with the rest of the reviewed products

#3 Earthborn Holistic Dog Food, Natural Flavour

What We Like (Pros):

  • Has a grain-free formula
  • It is made with lamb protein
  • Vegetables and fruits included in the mix
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Got many positive reviews from many buyers

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • Some say there has been a formula change in the dog food
  • Can cause vomiting when your dog ate too much

#4 Natural Ultramix Adult Dry Dog Food

What We Like (Pros):

  • Contains oils such as Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Gives your Pit Bull healthy skin
  • Consists of a formula to give your Pit Bull a shiny coat
  • Doesn’t have any artificial colors or preservatives
  • There are no wheat, soy, and corn

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • Others have reported that the recipe of this dog food changed
  • Some products purchased are said to be not that fresh

#5 Nature’s Variety Prairie Dry Dog Food

What We Like (Pros):

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • The first ingredient is real chicken for great protein
  • Formula is mixed with vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes
  • It has fruits such as apples, blueberries, and cranberries
  • The dog food has omega fatty acids

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

  • There were negative reviews about how the product may have changed their formula
  • It is an expensive dog food


Since you are at the end of this article, I would like to have you know that not every dog food is that bad. They can still be as good and will be able to help with your Pit Bull’s hunger. Some may contain a few amounts of nutrients your Pit Bull may require, yet it still won’t be enough for your Pit Bull.

As pet owners, we make difficult choices when choosing what our pet needs and some of us intend to disregard the fact of how it is important to choose a specific product made especially for our dog’s breed. We need to take action in these sorts of things and care enough to give our Pit Bull what they really need.

If you find this article helpful and that these dog foods are a plus, please make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family. You can try sharing it to pet owners who recently got a Pit Bull. They may need the guidance as well. Thank you so much for reading this article!


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