Do You Want To Know How To Stop Puppies Cough?


Puppies! Glad that you’ve finally become a puppy owner after all these years? Well, being an owner is pretty tough I must say. You will be facing many difficulties; such as dump all over the place, yellow puddles, destroyed couches, and most of all, dog diseases. Among all the problems you’ll be facing, your dog being sick is one of the most devastating ones.If you hear puppies cough, it might be because of Kennel Cough. If you are wondering what it is, it’s far ahead, but first, you’re going to have to learn everything else from top to bottom!

Why do puppies cough?

There are so many reasons why puppies a cough. After all, they are animals that love to sniff and slurp, one reason they are vulnerable to sickness. It could be that they are choking, they have dry throats or infections. There are lots of infection caused by fungi, virus, and bacteria but the most common are the Kennel cough.

Let us learn what this is all about!


What is Kennel Cough?

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A kennel cough is a type of Bronchitis and is highly contagious. It can cause severe sounding cough and fatigue.  Now and again, these topmost respiratory contagions can develop in time to Pneumonia. It would manifest as frequent, intense coughing that lasts for a short while.

You will think that it already subsided but the truth is, it is just starting to take effect. Kennel coughing is a prevalent sickness for dogs including puppies.

Just like us humans, we can get sick easily, once a year, or never. Dogs take of the same nature. Do not underestimate Kennel coughing as just a normal cold. It must be treated right away.

Other Less Common Causes of Puppies Cough

  • Fungal Infections
  • Heart Worm
  • Distemper
  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Problems

When my puppies cough, it is hard to tell. How am I going to know for sure?

It is essential for you to know the different signs of a cough. The earlier you detect the symptom, the better for your puppy.

  • As a start, you may think they are just trying to get some unimaginable stuff out of their throats but they are really just coughing. It sounds a bit rough as if they are about to puke. It will sound a bit similar to humans having a hard time coughing.

  • While they are coughing, their shoulders will lift like they are about to vomit.
  • Your puppy will also be a little bit more aware and alert once having this. They will also eat more often. If it is a puppy we are all talking about, then it is going to be a bit of a concern.
  • The nose of your puppy will be extremely wet.

Here are different coughing sounds that tell you more:

  • Kennel Cough– deep, dry, annoying sound, and it gets worst in every effort.
  • A sore throat– high-pitched, puking sound and the dog will make motions to swallow and lick her lips. The vet may suggest also that there is something obstructing or stuck in your dog’s throat.
  • Pneumonia– often called as a wet cough, you will hear a gurgling sound meaning there is fluid or phlegm in the lungs.
  • Collapsed Trachea– Common to toy breeds, the cough sounds like a deep honk of a goose.
  • Heart Disease– Occurs usually to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, cough only progresses at night.

How to Prevent My Puppy from Coughing?

Since we love our puppies, let us find ways how to prevent them from being sick. A healthy dog is a happy dog! Here are several ways on how to avoid the disease.

  • Keep your puppy away from other dogs. You might as well try to mingle your puppy with others that are complete with the vaccine. Better safe than sorry!
  • Give them some nutritional vitamins and exercise. Vitamins can boost the immune system of your puppies and exercise would keep her healthy and strong.
  • Give your puppy clean water and good quality of dog food. High-quality dog food is natural and does not have toxins and preservatives that are harmful to your puppy.
  • Give him a safe shelter and updated immunization schedule. A puppy that is well protected and has the complete dosage of vaccines are less likely to be infected.
  • Ensure the whole house or the area that your puppy stays is healthy and dust-free.
  • Do not let your puppy stay in the moist or humid area.
  • If possible, do not smoke in the house nor use cleaning agents with toxic contents.

What are Home remedies for Coughing Relief?

Besides, you can use:

Essential Oils: – lavender, eucalyptus and tree tea are a common relief to a cough and nose stuffiness. Let your puppy inhale the diluted mixture of these herbs as you spray it to vaporize the air.

Licorice Root Tea– this herbal tea is popular to be a superb treatment of a cough. Mix a little amount of tea in your dog’s food every meal. You can store the rest of the tea in the fridge.

These little home remedies will be of good use to others so make sure to spread it around and keep it in mind. You don’t want and cough to be getting in the way of your puppy’s happiness and life now do you?


Did we help you clarify matters about puppies cough? We hope this article was a big help to you and your puppy. Remember that there is nothing compared to the love and care you give to your dog when it comes to fighting for illness. When you see signs of illness, act on it immediately. Dogs are family. So treat them as one!

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