Why Shouldn’t Dogs eat Takis? Here’s What Will Happen!

Can dogs eat takis? what happends if my dogs eat takis

We can see that some human foods are not even good for health, so for dogs there will also be some foods that are not good. In particular, dogs should not be given snacks such as takis. Takis are a type of snack that has been processed with various preservatives and can cause a number of health problems for your dog. If you want to feed your dog takis then think again, instead you should find some safe snacks that they can enjoy.

So, firstly what is takis?

Speaking of which, everyone knows takis. Takis are a famous snack in the US and most of the countries around the world that you have eaten or are eating.

Everyone knows takis

Also, one serving of Takis is only 13 pieces (and who eats only 13 pieces) but has 420 mg of salt. Most adults should not eat more than 1500 mg per day, so those few Takis already use up almost 1/3 of your daily allowance. High salt levels raises your blood pressure.

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How many people know what ingredients in takis are harmful to your dog?.

The spiciness in Takis isn’t the main danger to your dog, but the other ingredients in this prepared snack are far more dangerous! Takis contains excessive amounts of salt and various spices that can pose some serious risk to your dog.
Any type of onion or onion-based product is a huge red flag when it comes to deciding what food is right to feed your dog. As a general rule, you should stay away from processed foods that are high in sodium and sugar.

What happens if your dog eats Takis?

Can dogs eat takis? what happends if my dogs eat takis

Spicy foods are known to be bad for human stomachs, even dogs. Some dogs (but not all) will suffer from serious problems such as diarrhea, bloating, and gastrointestinal upset. Hot peppers can even burn their throats and insides of their stomachs.

Takis are a type of snack, and like most processed snacks, they are high in sodium. Excess salt in a dog’s diet will make them very thirsty and it doesn’t take much sodium to get the dog to run away to drink from their water dish! You will certainly find that your dog drinks more water than usual if they have eaten too many Takis. Moreover, takis not only contain a lot of salt but it also contains onion powder which is extremely toxic to your dog and it is the worst thing they can consume.


Besides, when feeding your dog too many takis, it seriously affects their pancreas. So never give your dog spicy food, including Takis. If you are in the habit of feeding your dog spicy foods, they may develop a long-term problem such as acute pancreatitis that is common in bitches. Pancreatitis can be serious or fatal in some cases.

what can you do if your dogs eat too many takis?

There are many solutions such as, you can call your veterinarian to prescribe a special food or pain reliever when they have a change in diet. You can limit the intake of takis so that your dogs do not feel uncomfortable when they eat. In addition, you should keep the snack in a safe place where your dog cannot reach them. Instead, you need to learn more about your dog’s food regimen to make sure it’s safe for them.

In conclusion, can you answer the question whether you should feed your dog takis or not? So you might find the answer is no, never feed your dog takis or even avoid giving him any kind of processed junk food. While some of the ready-to-eat foods we eat are generally okay for dogs to eat in moderation, foods containing harmful ingredients like Takis are certainly not one of them.


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