Can Dogs Eat Pickles? The Answer Will Surprise You!


Are you fond of giving your Dog pickles? Or did they recently eat one?Sometimes as Dog owners, we sometimes intend to feed our dogs whatever there is that we eat too to make them part of the moment. But during those moments, we can’t help but wonder: is this even right to feed my dog this? Maybe or maybe not. Most people know the many common foods that dogs are not allowed to have at all such as chocolate, knowing this could probably kill your dog in one go. But how about pickles? Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Well, you’re about to get your answer!

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What are Pickles?


A Pickle is, in fact, a cucumber. It is a vegetable which others also call a Pickled Cucumber but is usually referred to as Pickle in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The nickname soon spread and made its way to other nations making “Pickle” its official nickname.

This Cucumber, however, has been soaked in brine, vinegar, and other mixtures and was left to be ferment for a certain period of time to make it what it is now. In the process, they are also immersed either in an acidic solution or through a souring by lactic fermentation.

So can Dogs really eat Pickles? The answer is…

Knowing that the Pickle is a vegetable, when have vegetables ever been a threat to our health? As far as I know, Pickles have its very many benefits to everyone health. But as for dogs, they could treat them just the same as they do to us. So the answer is… yes. Dogs can eat Pickles.

However, there is a certain limit you have to consider if you are planning on feeding your dog pickles.


Other pet owners intend to give their dogs quite a huge amount of pickles or any other food which they think is best for their dog. We also intend to think that everything we eat that is healthy can also make our dog healthy. This is not true for other kinds of foods.

There are those that are healthy, but there are also those that are healthy with a tad bit of unhealthy. It could be a tad bit unhealthy to us but to a dog, it certainly isn’t just a tad.

A human’s immune system and tolerance to different kinds of food are because we have made ourselves used to such. But a dog is quite far from such immunity and tolerance.

When can you say Pickles are bad for Dogs?

It’s actually fine to give your dog Pickles. They are as healthy as we ever say they are. But let’s not forget, everything has its downsides no matter how healthy they sound. A Pickle is said to be high in sodium or salt levels, vinegar, and other spices. Such things aren’t as healthy to us and are definitely very harmful to our dogs.

So I suggest that when you feed your dog pickles, keep it at a few amounts. If you are feeding them with sliced pickles, then have a count of 3 to 5 sliced pickles. If you are feeding them a whole pickle, give them a quarter of it to keep it safe and healthy.


Tolerance and immunity also depend on the dog’s breed and their size. A bigger dog can take up more than 3 pickles as they can tolerate it more than a dog who is smaller. A smaller dog would also prefer small amounts knowing they also have a small digestive system.

Can Pickles give Benefits to my Dog? 


Why, yes indeed! Other than the high levels of sodium, vinegar, and other spices, it still has its healthy side. It is, after all, a cucumber. A cucumber is known for different sorts of benefits: for beauty, for cancer, or for a healthy lifestyle. A Pickle is not any different. Only that it is tampered to be more flavorful and tasty for different kinds of recipes.

The benefits of Pickles can be in the following:

  • Pickles consists of plenty of vitamins. As a plus, it contains high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin K
  • Pickles consists of necessary minerals in decent amounts which include potassium, manganese, iron, and calcium
  • Pickles have high levels of dietary Fiber.


I’m the kind of dog owner who really wants to give my dogs the healthy treats. Though sometimes I also like giving them some of my unhealthy food such as chips, hot dogs, and many other kinds of food. It just makes me feel like my dog is special and that I am actually sharing a meal with my beloved fur baby. I want to exactly spend fun moments with my dog and usually, eating would be my first option. There was one time I chose a pickle for his treat. But it brought me to the same thought, whether it is good or not for my dog.

I actually had to research everything and got the answers that I need. So there you go, folks! Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Yes, they can! But always remember, feed them in small amounts just to keep it safe and for them to have a longer lifespan as well as a healthy lifestyle. Also be sure to research everything before giving your dog a certain meal. Chances are that they could die in one go or that they can have allergic reactions to it.


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