It is Easy to Train Dogs! Do You Want to Know How to Do It?


Dogs are highly trainable! Do you have a cute one behind you, or a big loving buddy waiting to be cuddled? It really does not matter what kind of breed you have a dog. But it is all the same, with loving care, you can teach them what you like them to do. The response may differ between every breed, but let us just start with the basics. It is Easy to Train Dogs!

What Does It Take to Train a Dog?

First, let me clarify to you that training a dog does not take a few days. There is obedience training available in so many qualified agencies but it really does not end there. Training your dog means forever. Every day is training for your dog and for you. And what exactly does it take to train a dog? It takes time, effort, resources and lots and lots of patience and love. That is what it takes! It may take a lifetime for your dog, but it does not necessarily drain your pocket. However, “It is you, who would know if you will run out of love and patience.” Will you?

How to Train Your Dog?

Even when you not knowing, your dog gets its training daily. All that he sees and hear around and how he reacts to it is a training. It could be the cat next door, the rain that he likes, the ground that he digs and the food that he waits for were, all things that he learned. Now if you want to train your dog, make it do what you like, then you need to prepare yourself. Learn to think ahead of your dog. Let us go with the basics obedience training! Sit- One of the easiest command, probably the first that your dog learned from you.

  1. Make sure you are on your dog’s level. The floor is convenient but you can make it anywhere you like.
  2. Get his favorite treat. Let your dog sniff it by putting it next to his nose. Holding the treat, move your hand up letting his head follow.
  3. You will see, as the dog moves his head up, his butt will go lower at the same time.
  4. When finally, his butt touched the floor, give the treat as a reward and some bonus praises.
  5. Do it again several times during the day and use the word “sit” as you go about it.


  • Just hold the treat to the level of his sitting Not too high that he will jump for it.
  • Tend to praise him when his butt hits the floor. Try by saying, “Good sit!”
  • You do the sitting routine any time of the day but do not make it successive? It will tire your dog.
  • Apply the sit command whenever you think needed.

Come- is a very useful command especially to those very naughty dogs. It keeps you and your dog out of trouble and saves your day. Video: How To Train Your Dog: “Come Here!” PERFECTLY!!!

  1. You tie a thin leash or any kind that you can think of as long as it is light. Let your dog drag it around.
  2. When you see that he is getting used to it, pick up the other end and hold it like you are following him wherever he goes. Your dog will soon realize afterward that both of you are connected. Wherever he goes, you go too.
  3. Do not forget the treats. Try to start walking backward and tell him to come with you. When he turns around and walks towards you, say, “Yes!” and give him a treat. Gently pat him and say “Good boy!”
  4. Do this again several times and this time using the command “Come” as you start walking backward. Apply it to needed situations.

Stay- I would say that is the most difficult command applied to my dog. It was hard to keep the attention focused on staying especially if there are lots of destructions. However, if you are a success to this command, your dog is most likely ready for advanced obedience training. Video: How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free!

  1. You need to leash your dog this time. Make him sit to you as relaxed as possible.
  2. Wave you hand, palm facing his muzzle at the same time, you say, “Stay!”
  3. Move a step closer to your dog, wait a few seconds and then go back beside
  4. Where are the treats? Give him one when he obediently stayed.
  5. Whenever he moves, gently say, “Oops” or “Uh-uh” (however you like) and let him go back to his original position. Do again the hand signal, along with the stay command.
  6. Try to repeat the same several times within the day. It is better to try it in a different area in your yard, house or wherever you frequently go.
  7. Every success, give reward and praise. Think of a release word to use when it is already time for him to go. “Okay” is effective for my dog. Try yours!
  8. It is dog instinct to try to get the treat. Be patient. Do not punish him for doing so.Do not give up. In every success of your dog, he must be rewarded and praised.Do not forget to use the release word to free your dog.

Down- this is an effective command to manage your dog’s behavior. This is hard when your dog is a little bit stubborn. This needs a submission. Just take time and make the training as relax and happy as possible.

  1. Prepare the best treat of all. Get some and let your dog sniff it with your hand closed.
  2. As soon as he realized that his favorite treat is inside your closed hand, move your hand towards the ground. I tell you, he will follow your hand to the ground!
  3. When the dog is sniffing your hand, move it along the ground towards him. His body this time, will follow his head. When he stretches out downward, open your hand, let him eat his reward.
  4. Again, do this multiple times a day and use the word “down” as you go along with it.

Video: How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down | Dog Training Tips:

  • If the dog tries to go up to get the treat, firmly say “No!”. Hide your hand before he gets the treat, and start again. Do not force your dog to stay down.
  • It is dog instinct to try to get the treat. Be patient. Do not punish him for doing so.
  • Do not give up. In every success of your dog, he must be rewarded and praised.
  • Do not forget to use the release word to free your dog.

How to walk nicely with your dog on a leash?

When your dog is not properly trained, you will have a hard time walking with him outside with a leash. I tell you I had enough with it walking my Siberian and Malamute. It was a 2 hours’ wrestle, my hands hurt, and my legs were shaking!

Well, you have already trained your dog with the basic commands. This time, it is easy for you to walk with him comfortably outside. Use the commands and apply it to any given situation needed. You will enjoy your walk, definitely!

  1. Attach his leash to the buckle of his collar or harness. Do not forget to bring his treats. Relax and happily say, “Let’s go!”
  2. Let him know that he needs to go forward by patting your leg. When he moves near you, give him a treat.
  3. While he is obediently walking with you, prepare a litany of praises.
  4. When he moves ahead of you or lags down, stop. Let him do it for a while at least within his leash range.
  5. When he moves further, the tension of the leash will bring him back to you. AS he does so, say “Yes!” Praise and treat.
  6. When he pulls, do the “statue” trick, everything stops. He will eventually correct himself and walk back to you.
  7. When you are walking with your dog, try to start using the “heel” command. It would make him stay close to your leg when you walk or stops.

Loose-leash walking with your dog takes a lot of effort and energy. You need to accept the dog’s mistakes and be open to it. It requires patience and time.

We are done with the basic commands that you need to establish a happy and organized life with your dog. Once your dogs are used to those commands, he is ready for the advanced training that you dream he will learn.

Do not forget: “Practice, practice, and practice will make it perfect.”

Are you dedicated enough to take this journey with your dog? Do you love your dog enough to last a day? It is Easy to Train Dogs if you are willing to take part of it. Sometimes, it needs sacrifice and determination to success!


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