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Curious As To How Long Will Your Dachshund Live? Here It Is!

The Dachshund is a world known breed! This is because of their iconic body shape. Sometimes nicknamed the ‘hotdog dog’ the Dachshund is most loved! When getting a pet we would always wonder how long they’d be able to stay. So, the main question is how long can your Dachshund live? Scroll down a little […]

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How many Puppies Can A Pit Bull have? You Want to Know More?

Puppies! Some people may have been wondering if their house would be flooded with adorable pups. How many puppies can a Pit Bull have? As a soon to be a grandparents, you must also know the “Before, During, and After” basic things you need to do. Here’s a little info on what you are going […]

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With Their Cuteness Overload, When Do Labs Stop Growing?

Cuteness! This is what a lot of people would go for. Loyalty! The best trait a dog could ever have. Selflessness! What we all need in this world! If you’re looking for a Breed of dog that would fit these traits, then you have got to own a “Labrador”! You got one but there’s this […]

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