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Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open? Facts You Need to Know

Do you face those times so often that you can’t help but ask yourself why do dogs sleep with their eyes open? This is actually a common mystery to most dog owners and only a few have discovered its secrets. Watching my dog sleeping with their eyes open worries and scares me. It makes me […]

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Can dogs eat seaweed? Yes! Know the Reasons Why

Seaweed is good for iodine supplement to humans. It is delicious when prepared accordingly. It is popular as a source of iron, omega 3-fatty acids, and magnesium. But would this be true to the canine world? Can dogs eat seaweed? Let us find out if they can! What’s a seaweed? Seaweed is a broad and […]

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The Best dog food For Your Adorable Maltese

Maltese are one of the most adorable breeds that we all know and love! As we know, the Maltese breed is a dog that belongs in the small category. But, even though they are small they still a lot of energy to prance around all day long! They are usually healthy and we know them […]

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My Dog Is Panting At Night. What should I do?

Image from Have you come across your dog panting at night several times? Dogs pant for many purposes. Most of us find it quite normal for all of them. But sometimes we can’t help but ask ourselves what their panting is for or why they do such things especially in the middle of the […]

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Curious as to How Long Do Dachshunds Live? Here it is!

Got an adorable Dachshund in your home? Wondering how long you get to spend time with them? No need to wonder anymore! Read here right now and you’ll find out! The Dachshund is a world known breed! This is because of their iconic body shape. Sometimes nicknamed the ‘hotdog dog’, the Dachshund is most loved! […]

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