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Puppies Poop A Lot: How To Know It’s Getting Too Bad?

Having a dog at home is just like adopting a new child. Since he is a part of the family, it is normal that we tend to worry. And pooping is one of those that you need to be particular about. If you notice that your puppy goes out way too many, you need to […]

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The 5 Best Dog Bones For Playful Biters

As dog owners, there always comes a time when we just want to give our dogs a treat or a time when we just want to keep them busy. But sometimes, giving them just anything is not always safe or the right thing to do. That is why we keep a look at the best […]

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How To Deal With Dog Runny Nose Problems?

Is your dog having a cold? Or is he or she in the dog runny nose stage? Via When your dog is having a runny nose, it could mean many possible things and it would all depend on what caused it. Runny noses can come from mostly germs and bacteria but your dog having […]

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Dog’s Breath Smells Like FISH? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

When your dog has been walking around the yard for quite a long time. He suddenly comes home with a new sense of fish breath; it can be worrying for an owner. After all, wouldn’t thoughts like, “What did they eat that I don’t know of” or “I hope they didn’t eat anything rotten”, and […]

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What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down? 7 Tips On How To Soothe A Hyper Dog

Is stress dawning on you? Does your back ache and your legs sore? Are you having trouble coping up with your hyperactive dog? What can you give a dog to calm him down? There are dogs that naturally are energetic. It may be the breed but if what you have right now is stressing you […]

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