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Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Me? Get To Know Your Dog More!

Do you often have those times when your dog just suddenly rubs their face and head on you? Do you wonder most of the time what that meant? Well, let’s say, dogs have their own body language that most of us humans don’t exactly understand all the time. However, with careful observation, open-mindedness and a […]

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My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore. What do I do?

Most pet owners experience the same thing and it leads them to feel depressed and probably giving them that one option to give them away to someone better so that they can be happy. Are you this person?   Saying, “My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” can hurt just by saying so. But let me […]

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Dog Can’t Catch Anything! Is There an Easy Way to Make them?

Catch! Run! You Fetch! C’mon! Even though how many times have I tried shouting, yelling and pleading to my dog, he won’t even move. This should be an exercise to keep him fit, but it is the other way around. I feel like an idiot every time I pick up the ball after throwing it […]

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